Monday, October 25, 2010

Wardrobe Staples- Beyond Fashion

Guest Post from Sarah Thomas, - a returning customer: she wants to know what the "staples" of your wardrobe are!

The basis for every good wardrobe is the "staples", several items that will never go out of style and will find place in every total look.

There are the obvious items every woman must have- a little black dress, a pair of perfect fitting denim jeans, red pumps and/ or red flats, a Name Necklace and a good trench coat.

Looking at your closet, you can spot those favorite items that are always used as well as items that sometimes you can't believe you actually bought; not to mention being seen in public wearing them!

My name necklace is a great example of a Staple item. I received mine as a Christmas gift about two years ago. I have been wearing it constantly ever since. Just browsing through pictures in me and my friends Facebook photo albums, it's amazing to see the necklace is always there! Your name is how people remember you, wearing your name is more than fashion, it's forever. As such it's also a great gift for someone you really care about.

My name necklace was purchased at (how appropriate…), and it's made of solid gold. For my friends presents I usually purchase necklaces in gold plated silver; it's much cheaper but looks the same.
Steph Name Necklace

I would love to know what the staples of your wardrobe are!
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