Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We love when bloggers write about us!

We love when bloggers get creative and write interesting articles about our HUGE selection of personalized jewelry and name necklaces. A recent blogger, Lillies and Love wrote this fantastic article about us, check out this excerpt below:
When typing ‘Name Necklace’ into your search engine of choice, you will find you are provided with a long list of websites that can provide you with these style of jewellery, however, the one I have been recommended time and time again is MyNameNecklace. They offer a wide variety of styles, with different types of metal and font, as well as the choice of extra decoration, such as crystals and other adornments.
You can check out the full article by Lillies and Love here.

You can write all about the products we have available, as well as link back photos to our site, and we will feature them either on our blog, or on our Facebook page 

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