Sunday, January 16, 2011

Will Miss Piggy also wear some personalized jewelry in the movie?

We just found this today on one of our favorite blogs, Marvelous Volcanic Ensemble.

Miss Piggy is slated to star as the editor of the French version of 'Vogue'. What will she wear? What sort of critiques will she shout out during the runway shows? What adventures are in store for the Muppets? We have no idea, but we definitely think it would be cool if Miss Piggy joined the 21st century and got a twitter account. She can also help people follow her when she gets this name necklace:
Is there a better way for people to know how to follow you on Twitter than this? Come on Miss Piggy, we all know you want to rock one of these when promoting the movie! Find this or hundreds of other variations of personalized name necklaces, and other personalized jewelry, at MyNameNecklace
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