Thursday, March 3, 2011

Charlie Sheen Winning necklace!

Hope you are all enjoying this crazy action packed week. It all started with a large variety of fashion and film at the 83rd annual Academy Awards, or as they are popularly known, The Oscars.

We saw a large mix of wonderful evening gowns, some vintage looking dresses (see: Helena Bonham Carter), a pregnant winner in a plum colored dress (Natalie Portman), and the man who has his own style and arrives with his mother to the awards (Russell Brand).

But the story of the week was the Charlie Sheen drama , and his many interviews with the media. Charlie opened up a twitter account, which by the time of writing this already has over 1.2 million followers. The man,  now known as an unemployed winner, has dominated the headlines and spurred many rumors to whether this meltdown is a genuinely real , or one of the greatest acts of the past 40 years. To honor Charlie Sheen and his 'winning' antics, we have decided to come up with a special name necklace to identify with his plight. We like to call it the "Charlie Sheen Tigerblood Winning Necklace of Warlocks".

Good luck with all your future endeavors Charlie, hope you make it past 2011, and get some personalized jewelry for all your 'goddess friends' as well!

Remember, at MyNameNecklace we can make ANY inscription you want on your necklace! We invite you to check out the name preview feature on our site, and see what your name or word looks like!
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