Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are you getting geared up for the Royal Wedding?

Tomorrow is the big day, when Prince William ties the knot with his bride to be Kate Middelton. This event is already deemed by the media to be the wedding of the 21st century, and already has a dedicated website, and youtube channel which will broadcast it live. This grand wedding is all over the news and will capture the hearts and imaginations of millions and millions of people all over the world.

Many people are already excited to find out what the three dresses that Kate will be wearing, what kind of jewelry she will be wearing, and what the many VIP's at the wedding will attend and look like. We hope that the Prince and Kate took the cue from us and got her bridesmaids' some great personalized name necklaces to go along with their special dresses. Personalized wedding gifts are the perfect gifts that will make anyone from the wedding party feel special, whether it is a classic name necklace for the bridesmaid's, or personalized cufflinks for the Best Man. We can literally make anything on any piece of jewelry, so if Prince William wants to rock a Prince name necklace, we can do that as well:
Prince William's Name Necklace
You can even sign the guestbook for the royal family online:

You can even send the Royals' a video greeting, like the Princes' mates from the Royal Navy:
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