Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kate Middelton and her Charm Bracelet

You are probably one of the billions of people worldwide who saw the Royal wedding of Kate Middleton (now known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge), and her beau Prince William. Kate Middleton fashion has hit the world by storm, and she has legions of fans and admirers of her impeccable fashion sense. 

As a leading online retailer of personalized jewelry, My Name Necklace has all the latest in fashionable accessories that the Royal Princess Kate would definitely approve. We even have the Kate Middleton Charm Bracelet, as worn by the Princess herself just a few days ago. She received it as a gift from her Mother in Law Camilla, and has the Duchess "C" initial. You can act royal yourself and get the same bracelet from, made in Sterling Silver, by clicking here

Kate Middleton Charm Bracelet
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