Friday, September 16, 2011

Madonna wears her Initial Necklace!

Below is a photo of one of the greatest female performers of all time, the amazing Madonna! Besides her burgeoning music career as the best selling female artist of all time, Madonna is also writing and directing movies. Her new film W.E. premiered at the Venice Film Festival, but at the Toronto International Film Festival is where Madonna really showcased her love of her newly finished project. To celebrate her belief in the film's success, she wore an initial necklace with the letters of the movie W.E. If Madonna knows that its chic to wear a two initial necklace than who are we to argue?

Madonna Initial Necklace
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Selena Gomez Necklace!

Do you want to wear your boyfriend's name on your necklace, just like superstar Selena Gomez? Well you need to head out and get this fabulous Dog Tag Necklace, personalized to fit any name you want!   

Selena Gomez Dog Tag Necklace
This necklace is also available with a Swarovski birthstone, if you want to bedazzle your necklace, or make it a little extra special with  your loved one's birthstone of the month.

Selena Gomez Necklace
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Katy Perry Name Necklace

Katy Perry, a gorgeous singing sensation, married to an hilarious Englishman. While Katy Perry and Russell Brand are in the news constantly, with all the wild places they travel to, as well as their fantastic fashion sense. They don't take themselves too seriously, which is a big part of why they are loved and adored by so many people across the globe.

Besides her amazing singing voice, Perry's lovely hazel-green eyes make all her fashion items look magnificent! In these two photos she is seen with her favorite jewelry accessory; a name necklace!

Katy Perry Name Necklace
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Katy Perry Love Necklace

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A collection of Paris Hilton Name Necklaces

There is no need for us to tell you all who Paris Hilton is. The heiress of the billion dollar Hilton Hotel franchise, Paris is a fun loving socialite who loves being in the spotlight. We have put together a couple of photos that reflect who Paris really is. 

In this photo Paris is seen exiting her limo in style, wearing a gorgeous name necklace

Paris Hilton Name Necklace
In this second photo Paris is strutting her stuff for the camera, giving the viewers a stunning 'purr'. Along with this sexy look she is wearing her trademark Paris Name Necklace which completes her stunning look!

Paris Hilton Necklace

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lauren Conrad Monogram Necklace

Have you checked out our amazing new monogrammed necklaces? These necklaces have been spotted on such celebrities like Taylor Swift, and the gorgeous Lauren Conrad.
Lauren Conrad Monogrammed Necklace
These necklaces are a great, artistic way to convey your individuality, and show who you are to the world.
Personalized Monogram Necklace
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kim Kardashian Loses her Earrings but still has her Name Necklace

Have you seen this clip of Kim Kardashian being thrown into the ocean by her new husband Kris Humphries? In the clip Kris spontaneously picks up Kim and throws her into the ocean, and her $75,000 earrings subsequently fall off into the sea. Kardashian comes out crying, and we can see that at least her name necklace has survived the fall into the water. As you can see in the thumbnail image, the Kim Kardashian name necklace is still prominently hanging from Kim's neck. You can find this amazing name plate necklace at MyNameNecklace.

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