Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Perfect Personalized Gift for the Holidays!

Sterling Silver Monogram Ring
The Monogram Ring is the hottest trend this season!

Want to get the perfect gift for Christmas? Personalized jewelry is the best gift to give your loved ones this year!

Check out some of out some of our latest and most stylish items such as the monogram ring, the monogram bracelet, or the ever classic name necklace.

What personalized jewelry are you going to chose for your loved ones this Holiday season?

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Alyson Hannigan Intials Necklace!

Alyson Hannigan wears an initial necklace

Personalized jewelry is the hot trend of the TV season. Alyson Hannigan, playing her character Lily, in the hit TV show How I Met Your Mother wears an initial  necklace. Her character wears an M initals necklace for her  new baby, Marvin.

Isn't it the perfect time for you to get personalized jewelry for you or your loved one? is the place to go for stylish jewelry gifts made especially for you!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Sale!

Cyber Monday Sale on Monogram Necklaces
Cyber Monday Sale
Check out our biggest sale of the year! Get 15% off all items with coupon code: CYBER15.

What better gift to get than a personalized one? Your friends and family will absolutely adore the personalized gift you get them for the holiday season. Choose from items for the whole family!

Hurry now, because this sale won't last for long! Valid for 24 hours only!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday Sale!!

MyNameNecklace Black Friday Sale
MyNameNecklace Black Friday Sale
Our biggest sale of the year has arrived! Christmas is coming fast and shopping with MyNameNecklace is the best way to get your shopping done! Your friends and family will love the personalized gift you'll get for them this Christmas. If you don't want to wake up early and stand in long lines this Black Friday, go to for quick and easy shopping.

Check out our huge Black Friday Sale for 15% off all items! Just use coupon code BLACK15 at the checkout to receive your discount.

Now wasn't that easy?

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Gifts are Easy with Monograms!

Sterling Silver 18K Gold Plated monogram necklace
Sterling Silver 18K Gold Plated Monogram Necklace

Monogrammed jewelry is the item of the season and the perfect gift; in fact it's the ideal combination of stylish and personal. 

Your friends and family will absolutely adore this personal touch as a present. Monograms add a touch of allure and mystery with only a hint of personalization. Pick from any kinds of monograms you want whether it be a monogram bracelet, an XXL monogram bracelet, or the our classic silver monogram necklace

Isn't it time for you to get monogrammed?! Visit MyNameNecklace now and peruse through all the amazing monogrammed jewelry options available right at your fingertips!  

You can read all about the allure of monograms, with this informative article.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rita Ora shows off her Name Necklace!

Rita Ora Name Necklace
Rita Ora wearing a Name Necklace
The singer Rita Ora recently posed for a photo shoot for V Magazine wearing a name necklace with her name.

The young British singer has quickly gained fans all over the world with her lovely voice mixed in with fresh tunes and cool sense of style. First discovered by Jay-Z, he signed her on to his record label, Roc Nation, and she was quickly ushered into the in crowd.

Wear your necklace with the utmost style!

 Get a name necklace just like Rita Ora's at!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Jessica Brown Findlay Goes Wild with a Personalized Disc Necklace

Jessica Brown Findlay Personalized Disc Necklace
Jessica Brown-Findlay wearing a personalized disc necklace
Jessica Brown Findlay of the acclaimed British series Downton Abbey was recently in a photoshoot for Vogue Italia. She is seen wearing a personalized disc necklace throughout the shoot. The British star  has quickly risen to the top with her acclaimed roles in Downton Abbbey and Albatross.

As Brown Findlay shows, the personalized disc necklace is simple enough to wear with a myriad of outfit combinations but still stands out.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Beyonce wears Name Hoop Earrings!

Beyonce Hoop Name Earrings
Beyonce shows off her support by wearing Obama hoop name earrings
Beyonce updated her blog today with pictures of her wearing "Obama" hoop name earrings. She posted these in celebration of her preferred candidate Barack Obama's win in yesterday's Presidential election

Beyonce was looking ever so cool with her geek chic glasses, classy yet popular top bun, ombre hair color, and paired with beautiful gold jewelery.

What a unique way to show off your support! Get personalized jewelry for any occasion at

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Styling your XXL Statement Monogram Necklace!

Style Inspiration for a the XXL Statement Monogram Necklace
Style Inspiration for a the XXL Statement Monogram Necklace
It's all about the statement! Get some style inspiration with what to wear your XXL monogram necklace. Toughen up a sweet lace dress with a leather jacket, chunky heels, a spiky clutch, and our large monogram necklace.

The XXL monogram necklace is also great with a cozy knit, to spruce up your outfit, or a with an oxblood trend outfit.

What will you wear your necklace with?

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