Sunday, December 30, 2012

Amanda Seyfried wears a Personalized Disc Necklace!

Amanda Seyfried wears a Personalized Disc Necklace
Amanda Seyfried, one of the stars of holiday hit movie Les Miserables, is looking beautiful as usual yet simply made up with a personalized disc necklace for an wonderful touch.

Amanda Seyfried first made her debut in teen hit Mean Girls alongside Lindsay Lohan, and in recent years her talent has really showed through in her variety of movies.

The beautiful Seyfried is shown here in her cover shoot for the Canadian Flare Magazine.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After Christmas Sale on Personalized Jewelry

Today is Christmas! First make sure that you spend the holiday right by enjoying the holiday dinner, being with family, and opening up all of the gifts. Once you have done all these things, shop our amazing After Christmas Sale, and enjoy up to 50% discounts on a selection of unique items!

From rose gold name necklaces to acrylic monogram necklaces find great deals on everything you ever wanted for Christmas, but didn't have the time or money to order.

After Christmas Sale on MyNameNecklace Jewelry
After Christmas Savings
This is the hottest after Christmas sales of 2012, so be sure to take advantage of these once in a year savings!

Sale ends January 2nd, so see that you have completed all of your purchases before then. Please note that the post Christmas clearance is on specific items featured on this page, get them while supplies last!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Give the gift that lasts a lifetime!

ModaMob made this fantastic video about buying gifts for people who have everything. They also mentioned  famous name necklace wearer Miranda Kerr, as they know that the best place for a personalized gift is

Personalized jewelry is our specialty, and offers a large variety of both styles and pricing options, which will help you find the best gift for Christmas, Valentine's Day, or any other special occasion. Watch the video below for additional suggestions on what gift to get that special someone

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Miranda Kerr wears a Name Necklace

Miranda Kerr Name Necklace
Miranda Kerr Name Necklace
Miranda Kerr at the official unveiling as the new face of Mango in Madrid, Spain. The model wore an all-white outfit with a light pink blazer. She was seen wearing a name necklace with her son, Flynn's name. 

The stylish Miranda is one of the many celebrities wear personalized jewelry with their children's names on it.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Best Friends Forever: 10 Ways to Tell if Your Friend is BFF Material

Breakable Personalized Sterling Silver "Best Friends" Necklaces
Those Best Friends Forever necklaces that have two pieces of hearts and fits together are a wonderful thing. It shows off that you are someone’s BFF. You can even have them personalized to say each person’s name. But how does a friend achieve BFF status, making them eligible for one half of this all-too-important necklace? Listed below are ten ways you know your BF is a BFF!
  1. You completely botched your recent hair dye job. Instead of being sultry and sexy like Julianne Moore you look clownish like Ronald McDonald. Your friend won’t lie and tell you that you look amazing, but will sit and sympathize with you…and bring you a cool hat.
  2. She takes you home from the dance club because your moves are attracting the wrong kind of attention, even though she has a passion for the dance floor. PS: No one does the Sprinkler or the Shopping Cart in public anymore.
  3. You’re living paycheck to paycheck but your friend just got a nice salary raise. Rather than going to a sophisticated and chic new cocktail bar uptown, your friend knocks on your door with a cheap bottle of bubbly and Chinese food.
  4. In the heat of the moment, your boyfriend forgot to put on a rubber. Rather than go to her review session for a big exam, she pulls up in her car ready to take you to your OB-GYN.
  5. She says no when your crush asks her out for drinks.     
  6. All the times you’ve ever laughed at inappropriate times are always because of her!
  7. It never feels weird or awkward to discuss every little detail of your personal sex lives with each other…ever.
  8. You just got some really bad news and want to have a pizza and ice cream night, but your friend is on beach belly diet lockdown until vacation. But it does not matter, she would rather do extra crunches then let you sit and eat comfort food alone.
  9. They guy you are dating is a scumbag and your friend makes her opinion of him known, even though you choose not to believe it. When his scumbag-ness finally presents itself to you and you go to your friend crying, rather than saying, “I told you so,” she lets you cry for however long you need.
  10. Whenever you have really good news, she is the first one to really be happy for you (and she means it too)!
Your BFF will "Aww" with you over this picture

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dear Santa...

Here are all the things you should be asking Santa for this year!

Rose Gold Plated XXL Monogram Necklace
Rose Gold Plated XXL Monogram Necklace
This classy and beautiful  monogram necklace comes in a stunning rose gold plated. What a perfect Christmas Gift!
Monogram Bracelet
Sterling Silver Monogram Bracelet
Continuing with the lovely monogram trend is the hot monogram bracelet. A must for Christmas.
iPad Mini
iPad Mini
Get a iPad Mini- the latest in touch technology, for on the go fun!
Sterling Silver Monogram Ring
Sterling Silver Monogram Ring
Rings are hot hot hot! Get this monogram ring with a personal touch!

A spa day is just what the doctor ordered! A gift card from your local spa will hit the right spot.

Gold Plated Name Necklace
18K Gold Plated Name Necklace
You can never go wrong with this classic name necklace! A lovely gift!
Canon Rebel T3
Canon Rebel T3

The Canon Rebel T3 is the camera everyone is lusting for at the moment! Take pictures of your friends and family with ease and amazing quality so you can remember for years to come!

Gold Plated Side Cross Necklace
Gold Plated Side Cross Necklace
The hottest necklace right now is the side cross necklace. Get one and wear it along with all the celebrities!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Hot List!

The holiday season has arrived! Stuck on what to wear to all those office parties and holiday get-togethers? MyNameNecklace offers your holiday hot list is your guide to being stylish and warm!

  • Monogram Necklace and Ring: Go with a simple but personal touch with your jewelry. Add a monogram set – a monogram necklace and ring.
  • Leather dress: There's no doubt about it, leather is the hot trend of the winter. A leather dress is great for a nice evening out that will have you stand out. This leather style is tough but with a girly and flattering cut. 
  • Fur Vest: This is a must for the winter. Look fabulous while staying warm during those cold winter nights.
  • Brocade clutch: Take on two trends in one and with a metallic and bejeweled touch!
  • Metallic Shoes: Never underestimate the power of shoes. Make your feet standout and bring your outfit together with a companion to your clutch, with a pair of metallic heels.
Now you are all ready for a night out! And remember you can style your outfits with a unique and personal touch at!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Miley Cyrus wears a Name Necklace!

Miley Cyrus Name Necklace
Miley Cyrus wearing a name necklace

Miley Cyrus uploaded a picture of herself and herself to her Pheed wearing a "Miley" name necklace.

Miley Cyrus has been recently spotted as a guest character on Two and a Half Men and helped bring the popular show to all time high ratings.

Miley has been especially in the spotlight for her bold outfit choices and haircuts. What do you think of them?

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