Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Best Friends Forever: 10 Ways to Tell if Your Friend is BFF Material

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Those Best Friends Forever necklaces that have two pieces of hearts and fits together are a wonderful thing. It shows off that you are someone’s BFF. You can even have them personalized to say each person’s name. But how does a friend achieve BFF status, making them eligible for one half of this all-too-important necklace? Listed below are ten ways you know your BF is a BFF!
  1. You completely botched your recent hair dye job. Instead of being sultry and sexy like Julianne Moore you look clownish like Ronald McDonald. Your friend won’t lie and tell you that you look amazing, but will sit and sympathize with you…and bring you a cool hat.
  2. She takes you home from the dance club because your moves are attracting the wrong kind of attention, even though she has a passion for the dance floor. PS: No one does the Sprinkler or the Shopping Cart in public anymore.
  3. You’re living paycheck to paycheck but your friend just got a nice salary raise. Rather than going to a sophisticated and chic new cocktail bar uptown, your friend knocks on your door with a cheap bottle of bubbly and Chinese food.
  4. In the heat of the moment, your boyfriend forgot to put on a rubber. Rather than go to her review session for a big exam, she pulls up in her car ready to take you to your OB-GYN.
  5. She says no when your crush asks her out for drinks.     
  6. All the times you’ve ever laughed at inappropriate times are always because of her!
  7. It never feels weird or awkward to discuss every little detail of your personal sex lives with each other…ever.
  8. You just got some really bad news and want to have a pizza and ice cream night, but your friend is on beach belly diet lockdown until vacation. But it does not matter, she would rather do extra crunches then let you sit and eat comfort food alone.
  9. They guy you are dating is a scumbag and your friend makes her opinion of him known, even though you choose not to believe it. When his scumbag-ness finally presents itself to you and you go to your friend crying, rather than saying, “I told you so,” she lets you cry for however long you need.
  10. Whenever you have really good news, she is the first one to really be happy for you (and she means it too)!
Your BFF will "Aww" with you over this picture

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