Monday, January 28, 2013

Top Ten Valentines Gifts to Make Any Girl Smile

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. After we get over the stress of Christmas gift giving, February 14 is quickly knocking on our doors. For guys out there, the gift you give a girl for Valentine’s Day can make or break your relationship. Guys need to find the best possible way to show their love and how much they care for their significant other, whether it is a new relationship or one that’s lasted for years and years. The options for gifts can be limitless, giving men everywhere anxiety attacks trying to find the perfect gift. Here are ten of the best ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for your hunny.

And girls, make sure to print this article out, highlight what you like and then leave it somewhere for him to find it!


Jewelry is a great item to get as it is a special gift for a special girl. But instead of getting just any piece of jewelry, why not a personalized name necklace or monogram bracelet. At MyNameNecklace, we have a beautiful collection of love jewelry that will surely put a smile on her face.

Flowers and Chocolate

The quintessential go-to gift for Valentine’s Day is a bouquet of beautiful flowers and a box of chocolates. But keep in mind that while roses are the symbol of love, they are not every girl’s favorite flower. If she loves tiger lilies or sunflowers, it is much more meaningful to her to get a bouquet of those. And don’t forget to buy her favorite kind of chocolate. Nothing is worse than buying a box of chocolates and realizing she doesn’t like any of them.

Every Day Essentials

Every woman loves personal gifts and bathroom accessories can be very romantic. A fluffy bathrobe accompanied by a basket filled with fragrant soaps, relaxation salts, aromatic oils, and bubble bath can be the perfect gift. Women, do not forget to invite your guy for a dip in the tub with you!


Moving forward with fragrances, perfume is another great gift. Find her that classic, timeless scent she is sure to love and you are sure to like on her. (And girls, as a side note, this is a great gift to get your man as well!)

Spa Days

All girls love a trip to the spa and providing her with a relaxing day package that includes massages, facials, and mud wraps is just what a girl needs to feel pampered.


If you see a dress or a shirt you think your lady will love, why not get it for her. Girls love to be able to flaunt what her significant other got for her and wear it around town. If you are having trouble figuring it, get one of her female friends to help you out. And since it is February, never underestimate the charm of warm clothing, like a matching scarf, hat, and gloves set!

But guys, remember, this can be really tricky. You don’t want to buy anything too big or too small, because it may send the wrong message!

Fancy Dinner for Two

Whether a man chooses to make his girl dinner, or take her to a nice restaurant, girls love being able to enjoy her favorite meal with her favorite guy. Make a meal that she likes or take her to a restaurant that holds some kind of significance in the restaurant. A romantic time is a great way to share the best memories and rekindle a little bit of romance.

Personal Photo Album

This requires guys to get a bit creative, but look for photos the two of you to put in a photo album. She will love looking through and sharing all the memories. Make it even more special by cutting out sayings and single words from magazines to make the album even more personalized. This is something any girl will hold onto and love for years to come.

Love Note

Guys should take some advice from Cyrano de Bergerac and put their feelings on a piece of paper in the form of a romantic note or poem. A guy doesn’t need to be a novelist to write down a few lines and it will be something a girl treasures forever.

Romantic Vacation

If you have some money lying around, why not schedule a romantic getaway vacation. While you can spend lots of money on a Bahamian cruise or a trip to Europe, a quiet weekend at a bed-and-breakfast in the countryside is perfect. It is a great way to spend time together, enjoy each other’s company, and grow the relationship!
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