Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to Select the Perfect Flowers for Mom!

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Have you purchased your mom a gift yet? Mother’s jewelry  is extremely popular, including Family Heart Necklace and Family Tree Necklace. But aside from a necklace for mom, one of the most treasured gifts is a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Aside from looking beautiful, flowers require some thought and many flowers carry a lot of symbolism that can mean so much on this special day. Favorite colors and flowers are always a good place to start when creating the perfect Mother’s Day flower bouquet, but here are some other ideas as well!

Flowers and a Monogram Necklace are a perfect combination!
Roses are the quintessential flower to add to any bouquet. Roses were sacred to Isis, a Greek Goddess said to be the ideal mom. Therefore, roses have always been associated with Mother’s Day.

Irises symbolize warmth and affection, two qualities all moms have. The blue and white irises tend to be the most popular for Mother’s Day.

Lilacs are always an elegant choice to add to any bouquet. They symbolize the love between a mother and her child, making them the perfect option.

Orchids symbolize beauty and refinement, and in Chinese culture, they also symbolize many children.

Lilies, while often earmarked for Easter bouquets, are used a lot for Mother’s Day flowers as well, especially white lilies and calla lilies.

Tulips are associated with spring and new life. They are considered to be graceful flowers known for their multitude of colors and beauty. They are a great option for a pretty flower and because they come in a variety of colors, you can definitely choose the color your mom likes.

Carnations, especially the pink ones, according to Christian legend, are said to have first started growing in the location where the Virgin Mary cried over the death of Jesus. Therefore, it is said that carnations symbolize the eternal love a mother has for her children. Today, it is very common to see Mother’s Day flowers consist of carnations of not just pink but other soft colors as well.

There are many other flowers to select from as well. Gladioluses symbolize strength of character, sunflowers represent adoration, and camellias symbolize graciousness. For many years, flowers are the best way to convey a message of love to a mother. No matter how big or small the bouquet is, as long as you put a bit of thought into it, she is sure to love it!

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