Friday, May 31, 2013

Get it Monogrammed! The Top Things to See Monograms On

                                                 Top Places to See Monograms

Let’s face it folks; the monogram trend is here to stay. Everyone everywhere is hoping onto the three-letter monogram fad, finding everything and anything to put their initials on. If it can be monogrammed, it is monogrammed. How many items do you have that are monogrammed?!


Photo of Beyonce block monogram necklace
Beyonce wearing a
"Blue" Monogram necklace

Ultimately, monogram jewelry is at the forefront of the monogram trend. Everyone from celebrities to stay-at-home-moms is enjoying the fashion trend that is monogram necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Monogram jewelry is perfect for fancy and casual occasions alike.

Photo of Rihanna Block monogram necklace
Rihanna wearing a block monogram necklace


“His” and “Hers” towels are so passé, the latest trend in personalized towels are monograms. Monogrammed towels make for excellent gifts for newly married couples, showing both their initials. They are also great for roommates to make sure everyone knows whose towels are whose.


When everyone has the same black suitcase for traveling, it can be difficult to determine which bag yours is coming down the conveyor belt. That is where monogramming comes in handy. With a monogrammed suitcase, you will always see your luggage coming. Plus it looks really chic!    


T-shirts, windbreakers, sweatshirts, even men’s button down shirts and ties are getting monogrammed. Having your initials on a piece of clothing offers a great personalized touch to any outfit! While we used to hate when our parents put our initials on the tag of our clothes for gym or summer camp, we totally love the fancy monogram trend that everyone can see!


A popular gift for graduates or people starting out in a new job is a pen. Why give them any old pen when you can give them a monogrammed pen. It adds a little extra touch of class that is sure to touch the recipient’s heart as it showed you thought about them just a tad bit more.


Why have an ordinary purse when you can have something a little more extraordinary by having your monogram on it. You are sure not to lose it and no one will ever mistake your purse for theirs!
Photo of Personalized Silver Purse Initial Charm
Personalized Silver Handbag/Purse Initial Charm
Courtesy of Etsy's Monogram Circle

A case is necessary in order to protect your smartphone, so why not make it a personalized one? And with everyone carrying around the same phones, just like with purses, no one will mistake your phone as theirs because it will have your initials right on it.

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