Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Meaning of Memorial Day

 For many, Memorial Day marks the “official” start of the summer. It is celebrated by being with family, having BBQs, and going to concerts. However, the true meaning of this very special holiday tends to get lost amid all the joyous celebration.

Memorial Day is actually a very special holiday – it honors the brave men and women of the United States who have paid the ultimate price to ensure the freedom of all the country’s citizens. This holiday provides everyone with an opportunity to give thanks to the soldiers who have fought for and died protecting the freedom given to those who live under the Red, White, and Blue.

The holiday was formerly called “Decoration Day” and was created after the Civil War to commemorate the soldiers, both on the Confederate and Union, who died during the war. By the twentieth century, the holiday extended to all Americans serving in the United States and abroad.

Those who have lost family members and friends typically go visit their graves on this day and volunteers go around and place American flags at every grave at national cemeteries.

MyNameNecklace salutes the brave men and women whom we celebrate on Memorial Day.

What will you be doing this Memorial Day to celebrate and honor brave soldiers of the United States?
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