Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gifts to Give to the Bride & Groom

Great Gifts to Give to the Bride & Groom

Wedding season is upon us and that means fancy outfits, champagne toasts, and dancing until the sun comes up; celebrating the newlyweds and wishing them nothing but years and years of marital bliss. But it also means coming up with the perfect gift to give to them. Guests want to pick out gifts that mean something to the newlyweds, can help them on their journey into marriage, or remind them of this very special day. If you are struggling to come up with the perfect gift, have no fear, because we are here to help you out!

Personalized Gifts

Cufflinks are a great gift
for the groom!
 One of the best gifts you can give is something that signifies this special day and what a wedding day actually
means. Making it personalized makes it even better, because it will be something the couple can hold dear to them. For example, a monogram necklace displaying the brides new initials or both the bride and groom is a great way to go. And don’t worry about men; they can enjoy a monogram as well with a pair of beautiful monogram cufflinks.

Breakable heart necklace is a gift
for both the bride and groom!
Another great idea is the breakable heart necklace. On the one side you can have the name of each person engraved, and on the back, you can get the wedding date engraved. You can find these types of jewelry at MyNameNecklace. Other great personalized gift ideas include wine glasses, picture frames, towels, a cake server and knife set, and framed canvas prints. 

Wedding Registry

Chances are the new couple hit up their favorite shops to create online wedding registries of everything they need for their new home together at all their favorite shops. If you are stumped on what to get them, these registries are a great option. Most couples include a list of relevant websites in their wedding invitation.

Go in on a Big Item with a Group

If you are going to a wedding with a bunch of friends, you can all chip in and get them something big for their new home. This can be an original piece of art, a large kitchen appliance, furniture, or even a barbeque!


And if all else fails, cash is always a great option for a new couple just starting out!

Remember weddings are all about the bride (a little about the groom as well…) so get them a gift they will sure to remember you by!
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