Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Girls of Bling Ring love their Personalized Jewelry!

Claire Julien Name Necklace Bling Ring
"Chloe" in the Bling Ring is fabulous with her name necklace!
Sophia Coppola's latest film, the "Bling Ring" is about a true story of a gang of teenagers who rob various celebrity homes. In the movie the teenagers play celebrity and fame obsessed young kids who will go to any lengths to be be like the rich and famous. Although Coppola's latest film is styled quite differently then her other slower, more existential  style movies, the Bling Ring still has many moments where Sophia's style shines through, albeit in a louder and faster pace.

Sophia Coppola chose a relatively unknown cast for her gang of robbers, save for Emma Watson, who plays bad girl Nikki, a far cry from any of her previous roles, most notably as Hermione Granger of the Harry Potter series.   Pictured above, Claire Julien plays Chloe, a well-to-do hipster girl who loves to party and do drugs. She loves to wear her name necklace in a number of scenes, showing off her "Bling" style. Chloe isn't the only one who loves personalized jewelry in the movie. Emma Watson, as shown below, wears a "Foxy" necklace in the movie. The movies main character, played by Katie Chang, also wear an initial disc necklace in some of her wild party scenes.

Emma Watson Foxy Name Necklace
Emma Watson in a "Foxy" name necklace
The Bling Ring opened the "Un Certain Regard" at the Cannes Film Festival this past May. The movie has gotten  great review, especially Emma Watson who pulls off an American valley girl accent perfectly. The Bling Ring really set Emma Watson as an actress (not just "the girl from Harry Potter"). Emma is totally believable of this home-schooled party girl who just loves to rob!

The Bling Ring is all about brands and the obsession for them, and what better way to brand yourself than with personalized jewelry? Watch the Bling Ring to see how these bad girls style their personalized jewelry!

Get personalized jewelry and be bling at!

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