Tuesday, August 27, 2013

J Crew and the Art of Monogramming

Just recently, J. Crew came out with a quick three minute video on monogramming and why it is so popular, and at MyNameNecklace, we couldn’t help but agree with everything that was said!

boo monogram necklace
"BOO" Monogram
Monograms are one of the best ways to personalize yourself and say, “This is me!” They are also terrific conversation starters – no one knows what your monogram means and they will all be asking what it stands for and what kind of story it tells. What kind of story does your monogram tell?

"Now" Monogram Necklace
"Now" Monogram Necklace
Monograms do not just have to be about names, but about words as well. Words like AHA, BOO, ACE, HIS, HUH, and NEW make for great monograms if they are meaningful to you. Do you like to live in the present? Why not get a monogram with the word “NOW” on it as a symbol? Are you a little less than normal? Then wear a monogram that says “ODD!”
BRB Monogram Necklace
BRB Monogram Necklace

Do you have a three word phrase you live by? “Live, Laugh, Love,” “Now or Never,” “Laugh out Loud,” “Best Friend Forever,” or even “Be Right Back” are popular three word sayings that are fun, exciting, and maybe even something special to you. Are you always an inquisitive person, then what about “WTF” on a monogram necklace? (We all know what it means!) If you do not understand, just point, the other person will instantly know!
"LOL" Monogram Necklace
"LOL" Monogram Necklace

Remember, a monogram makes something yours and yours alone. It is a way to be a bit different and to fend off conformity. What would your monogram say?

"WTF" Monogram Necklace
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lea Michele wears "Finn" Name Necklace

Lea Michele Finn necklace
Lea Michele shows off her Finn necklace 
Lea Michele posted a picture on her Twitter yesterday captioned "Today... ❤" with a picture of her wearing a "Finn" name necklace. "Finn" is the character in Glee played by Lea Michele's late boyfriend Cory Monteith who passed away in July from a drug and alcohol overdose.
Lea Michele has been spotted wearing her Cory name necklace in the weeks after his death. It is clear Lea thinks wearing a name necklace is the best way to show her love of Cory. She has been truly devastated over the loss. She made her first public appearance at the Teen Choice awards and made a heartfelt tribute to her late boyfriend that left the whole audience in tears at her words.

Lea Michele was reported filming the memorial episode in Glee to Cory's character Finn Hudson when she took the above "selfie" shot. The upcoming Glee episode is said to be totally gut wrenching according to sources and in a tweet from Glee actress Jane Lynch.

Will you watch the memorial episode? How do you think the show will handle his death? Let us know in the comments!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Birthstone of the Month- August!

Jennifer Lawrence's
 birthday is August 15th
Autumn here, to gush about my favorite month. Ah the month of August. The last month we can squeeze in all the summer activities we have wanted to do all summer, like taking that beach vacation or wearing that super cute sundress you haven't had a chance to show off.

Not only is August the month to vacation but August is a popular birth month. Did you know Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron, and Madonna all have birthdays in this month? Guess August is a month for super talented women (including myself!).

Did you know that August has 2 birthstones Peridot and  the little known Sardynox gem. The Sardynox is believed to have mystical powers and eliminates negative thinking! I am very glad I found this out because it is a well known fact that the Peridot is the ugliest gem of all the months. Why couldn't August have the diamond or ruby? Fortunately, at MyNameNecklace.com  we have plenty of gorgeous way you can show off your birthstone. 

Rose Gold Plated Silver  Swarovski Name Necklace
Rose Gold Plated Silver 
Swarovski Name Necklace

If you don't have a August birthday but still want to buy some cute jewelry to wear! Check the hottest items of the summer. Go for the Acrylic Monogram Bracelet for a colorful pop, or if you want a matching bracelet with your friends, you can get the Infinity Friendship Bracelet in different colors! Go trendy this August with a celebrity monogram necklace, or items from our infinity collection
Pink Infinity Friendship Bracelet
Pink Infinity Friendship Bracelet

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Some more interesting facts about fun events in August: August 13th is Left Hander's Day. Try out how the other 10% of the world lives! This also makes me happy, because as a left handed person I'm glad people show appreciation for us left handers who face many right handed obstacles each and every day! Like driving a car, or writing in a spiral notebook, or sitting in a chair/desk combination.

Leos, the astrological sign for the month of August, are dedicated, optimistic and hardworking people. Their lucky colors are gold, orange, white, and red. (Hmm... how do we fit that into our wardrobe?? Looks like it's time shop lots of gold jewelry!) Also Leos are generally all around awesome (trust me, I know!). Jealous of the awesome people born in August? You should be! 

Stay tuned for the next monthly birthstone post next month! 

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beyonce joins the Pixie Cut hair trend!

Beyonce pixie cute
Beyonce shows off her Pixie Cut
Everyone is buzzing about Beyonce's new hair that she debuted this week. Beyonce shared picture on her Instagram of her new 'do. The pixie cut is a daring cut for every girl, especially for Beyonce who is known for her long locks. Beyonce is hailed as a fashion icon, so we can be sure there will be a lot of people asking for pixie cuts at their local salons.

Personally, I love it! I think celebrities who have done have shown off their brave and forward thinking styling.
The pixie cut was first popularized in the 1960's by British model Twiggy and actress Mia Farrow. Mia Farrow put the pixie cut in the limelight when she cuts her hair to a pixie cut in the classic horror film "Rosemary's Baby". After her husband asks her about it she says the famous line "I've been to Vidal Sasson!" (speaking of the legendary hairstylist known for his edgy hairstyles in the 60's). After that everyone wanted a pixie cut like Mia Farrow.
Mia Farrow Pixie Cut
The ever-chic Mia Farrow with her pixie haircut
Now we move forward to the present and the pixie cut has been re-modernized. Emma Watson made headlines across the world when she chopped off her long "Hermione" locks into a stylish pixie cut post Harry Potter. Her hair was voted the best celebrity hairstyle of that year, everyone wanted  to pull off the uber-chic look.
Emma Watson Pixie Cut
Emma Watson in her effortlessly beautiful pixie cut
Michelle Williams has kept for Pixie cut for quite a while. She has famously stated that she has kept it because her late ex-husband, Heath Ledger, liked it. Only now has she started to grow her out.
Michelle Williams Pixie Cut
Michelle Williams looks elegant with her Pixie Cut
Rihanna, is known for her rocker chic has rocked this short hairstyle several times. She gives an edgy and different vibe to the pixie look.
Rihanna Pixie Cut
Rihanna gives an edgy vibe to her pixie cut
Anne Hathaway had to shave her head for her Oscar-winning performance as the character Fantine in Les Miserables and grew it into a stylish short pixie hair cut. Now that is an award  winning look!
Anne Hathaway Pixie Cut
Anne Hathaway grew out her shaved head into a cute pixie cut

So there's no doubt that all these stars give the pixie cut their own personal twist yet still look gorgeous. 

Would you rock this look and join the ever growing trend? 

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Emma Roberts chilling out with friends & Initial Necklace

Emma Roberts Initial Necklace
Emma Roberts wears a Charm Necklace with Initial
Actress Emma Roberts posted a picture on her Instagram recently, having fun in the sun with a friend.

The stylish Emma is wearing an Initial Necklace with her initial "E".

Emma Roberts is heavily her newest film "We are the Millers" starring alongside Jennifer AnistonJason Sudeikis, and Ed Helms."We are the Millers" is about a small time drug dealer who is forced into moving a large amount of drugs into the US from Mexico. He makes up a family of strippers and runaways to help him.  The movie comes out in theaters August 7th.

Emma Roberts has also recently been in the news for getting arrested for domestic dispute with her boyfriend Evan Peters, who she is co-starring with on the newest season of the show "American Horror Story". They were later seen being very cuddly and seem to have made up from their earlier dispute.

Emma Roberts is also a fashion enthusiast and is seen at many fashion events. She was recently seen at Couture Fashion week at the Versace show in Paris, showing off her sleek and modern style in white, cutout Versace dress. Though in this picture we see her more usual down to earth side. She was also recently seen at the premiere of "We are the Millers" in a stunning Michael Kors dress.

We can't wait to see what Emma Roberts does next!

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