Thursday, August 15, 2013

Birthstone of the Month- August!

Jennifer Lawrence's
 birthday is August 15th
Autumn here, to gush about my favorite month. Ah the month of August. The last month we can squeeze in all the summer activities we have wanted to do all summer, like taking that beach vacation or wearing that super cute sundress you haven't had a chance to show off.

Not only is August the month to vacation but August is a popular birth month. Did you know Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron, and Madonna all have birthdays in this month? Guess August is a month for super talented women (including myself!).

Did you know that August has 2 birthstones Peridot and  the little known Sardynox gem. The Sardynox is believed to have mystical powers and eliminates negative thinking! I am very glad I found this out because it is a well known fact that the Peridot is the ugliest gem of all the months. Why couldn't August have the diamond or ruby? Fortunately, at  we have plenty of gorgeous way you can show off your birthstone. 

Rose Gold Plated Silver  Swarovski Name Necklace
Rose Gold Plated Silver 
Swarovski Name Necklace

If you don't have a August birthday but still want to buy some cute jewelry to wear! Check the hottest items of the summer. Go for the Acrylic Monogram Bracelet for a colorful pop, or if you want a matching bracelet with your friends, you can get the Infinity Friendship Bracelet in different colors! Go trendy this August with a celebrity monogram necklace, or items from our infinity collection
Pink Infinity Friendship Bracelet
Pink Infinity Friendship Bracelet

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Some more interesting facts about fun events in August: August 13th is Left Hander's Day. Try out how the other 10% of the world lives! This also makes me happy, because as a left handed person I'm glad people show appreciation for us left handers who face many right handed obstacles each and every day! Like driving a car, or writing in a spiral notebook, or sitting in a chair/desk combination.

Leos, the astrological sign for the month of August, are dedicated, optimistic and hardworking people. Their lucky colors are gold, orange, white, and red. (Hmm... how do we fit that into our wardrobe?? Looks like it's time shop lots of gold jewelry!) Also Leos are generally all around awesome (trust me, I know!). Jealous of the awesome people born in August? You should be! 

Stay tuned for the next monthly birthstone post next month! 

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