Monday, September 9, 2013

Quick and Easy (And Cheap!) DIY Jewelry Organizer Ideas

Being organized at home is something many of us fail to fully achieve, as much as we would like to. As organized as we are in one area, there is a whole other area that is often still a mess. And while organization can be difficult to do, it is useful and time saving, especially when it comes to jewelry. Do you really want to be searching through a box of tangled necklaces just to find your Sterling Silver Name Necklace or Celebrity Monogram Necklace? And do not even try searching for your Infinity Bracelet in that mess! Just the thought of sitting around untangling chains is enough to make anyone’s spine cringe in terror. But those fancy-shmancy jewelry organizers are usually super pricy, super ordinary, and super boring. Why not put your own spin on a jewelry organizer? Something you can do cheap, on the fly, and match your taste and personality. Here are three really great ideas for DIY jewelry organizers! Some you would never even think about!

Chain Earring HolderOh, and everything you need can be found at your local home improvement store! Yes, you read that right, a home improvement store! And the other great part? Be prepared to spend less mere pennies as compared to an expensive organizer from a store!

Go and pick up a hefty chain. You know, the type you use to secure gates. Pick that up along with two hooks to put on your wall. Hang it on your wall and use it as a fun earring organizer. In total, it maybe cost you five bucks and you can see all your earrings!

Rake Jewelry OrganizerOkay, your earrings are taken care of, but what about all those necklaces and bracelets? Hang the rake on the wall and use it to organize all your bracelets and necklaces. Do not like the rusty, metal color? Find your favorite color spray paint and go to town!

Jewelry Organizer PegboardIf you want to keep all your jewelry together in one location, get yourself a pegboard. These are boards usually used to organize tools but you can use it to organize all your baubles. All you need is a pegboard and some little metal pins and racks to hang within the holes of the pegboard. These will be used to hang your jewelry. Want to make it more feminine? Spray paint your pegboard. Also add a frame around it before hanging it on your wall so it really looks like a piece of art! Having all your jewelry displayed out in front of you will definitely make you want to wear more of it and different pieces than your “usual.”

How do you organize your jewelry? At MyNameNecklace, we would love to find out!
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