Thursday, October 17, 2013

Birthstone of the Month – October

Oh, hello there October, you kind of crept up on all of us. We were too busy watching leaves change color, drinking pumpkin spice lattes, and taking our fall and winter clothes out of storage while packing up the last remnants of summer.

Map of Opals in Australia
Map of Opals in Australia
If you are lucky enough to be born in this fantastic month, your birthstone is the beautiful opal. Opals are primarily found in Australia. Other locations where this gem can be found include northern Brazil, Mexico, and certain locals in the U.S. The word opal” is said to come from the Sanskrit word meaning “valuable stone.” Ancient Greeks and Romans prized this gem as it combined all the best possible characteristics from all the gems around the world. In the 1800's, opals were added to the fashion scene, and during the Art Deco period, this gem was used a lot in contemporary art.

For hundreds of years opals have been associated with the act of healing. Some people believe that wearing opals can also bring forth one’s true love. Opals represent loyalty and happiness, and can enhance dreams and imagination. Ancient Greeks believed opals could enhance a person’s powers of prophesy, while Ancient Romans believed opals symbolized purity and hope.
If your birthday is in October you are in luck because you get to share this special day with a lot of really amazing celebrities! Celebs with October birthdays include Gwen Stefani, Alicia Silverstone, Matt Bomer, Hugh Jackman, Kim kardashian, and Ryan Reynolds!

Of course who can forget that this month houses one of the most fun and scary days of the year – Halloween! Get dressed as your favorite ghost or ghoul and have a good time celebrating All Hallows Eve! But hey, that’s not all you can celebrate in October!  The first Friday of the month is World Smile Day. Did you smile at everyone? A smile can really brighten up anyone’s day! October 11 is It’s My Party Day where you do not need an excuse to boogie down and have a good time. Other fun (an interesting) days this month include Moldy Cheese Day , Take your Teddy Bear to Work Day, World Pasta Day, and Wear Something Gaudy Day!

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