Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hilary Duff loves her Name Necklace!

Hilary Duff Name Necklace
Hilary Duff wears a name Necklace
Hilary Duff has been seen out and about sporting her name necklace with her son "Luca"s name on it. The young mom has been loving her role as a young mom to her son Luca, 19 months old. She has been seen sporting her Luca name necklace on different occasions in recent weeks.

The former Disney star has been hailed for keeping her "good girl" image long after her she ended her stint as a Disney star. She has comfortably fit into her part as wife to hockey player Mike Comrie and mother to son, Luca. After she gave birth Hilary became part of the campaign for Johnson Baby Cares in which she promoted care packages sent out to families in times of natural disasters. She has also been recently involved in the "Stomp Out Bullying" campaign. Hilary has also written several novels, the latest of which, "True" was released last April. 

She has tweeted and posted pictures on Instagram confirming that she is currently working on her next studio album. No word yet on when her album will be released. 

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