Thursday, October 24, 2013

MNN Tip #3

How many letters can I fit on a standard name necklace? Can I get more than one capital letter on my name necklace?

Normally we recommend our regular name necklaces have no more than eight letters. Anything more than this tends to make our regular strength nameplate flimsy and very fragile. But not everyone has a short name! For those of you out there with names that are more than eight letters, we offer double strength name necklaces! These, as the name states, are double thickness to ensure the necklace is durable. Even if you have a shorter name, you can still opt for double thickness, especially if you plan to wear your name necklace daily.

We also know that some names have two capital letters. We do offer two capital name necklaces in sterling silver, gold plated, and solid gold!

Whatever your name necklace needs are, we can help you out!
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