Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why we Love Gold Jewelry!

Gold has always been a valuable commodity. This very shiny metal is intoxicating, with everyone wanting a little bit to call their own. Over at MyNameNecklace, we love gold. Some of us wish that if we could be like King Midas with the golden touch, it would be awesome! And while right now, we cannot turn everything into gold, we can wear gold accessories! Here are some of the reasons we are totally crushing on gold jewelry right now!

Miranda Kerr Wearing a Gold Name NecklaceIf you want to talk precious metals, gold is the most precious of the all. It is high valued by people all over the world and has been held as significantly important since the prehistoric era.

Gold jewelry, including gold monogram necklaces are totally in fashion right now. It’s all about the bling!

Some of our favorite celebs love wearing gold jewelry, including Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, and Beyoncé. They definitely know style and fashion and are some of our biggest trendsetters!
Beyoncé wearing gold name earrings 
Did you know that wearing gold attracts prosperity and increases love, spirituality and warmth?!

The fiftieth wedding anniversary is gold. This is why the later years in a relationship are known as the “Golden Years.” Looking for the perfect gift on this special anniversary? Why not a beautiful solid gold monogram necklace?

Gold is the primary metal for wedding bands because it is able to weather the passage of time, a definite symbol of the vows brides and grooms take on their wedding day.

In spiritual healing circles, gold is said to ease anger, tension, and feelings of inferiority. This luscious metal is also said to encourage wearers to realize their potential and bring about feeling of comfort. Definitely one of many reasons to go out and get a gold name necklace!

Looking for some gold personalized jewelry? Check out our selection of gold plated and solid gold items!
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