Monday, November 4, 2013

Birthstone of the Month - November

Hello November, you kind of crept up on us there. We were so busy eating all our Halloween candy that we didn’t even realize we changed the calendar to November! But here you are! Not only is this the month that houses one of the most well-loved holidays on our calendars (THANKSGIVING!!), but it also when we start our countdowns to Christmas and New Year’s!

For all you November babies out there, aside from enjoying snow, carved turkey and stuffing, and creating Christmas shopping lists, you also get to enjoy a beautiful birthstone, the Yellow Topaz! Topaz means, “fire” in Sanskrit because of its golden colors. This gemstone is most often associated with the earth and harvest time, with the shades of yellow and light brown representing the ancient planting season and the fertility of the earth. The colors are also associated with comfort and stability in the home.

Because the gemstone is related to the home and family, a lot of people believe the Yellow Topaz represents serenity and empathy. The stone is said to promote harmony and soothe the mind.  If you wear a Yellow Topaz, you look to relieve tension and encourage forgiveness. Many say that if you wear a Yellow Topaz while entertaining in your home, it will aid in fostering an atmosphere of hospitality, pleasantness, and harmony.

The Yellow Topaz has often been a symbol of protection and strength. During the period of Ancient Greece, the topaz was said to increase one’s mental and physical strength. Ancient Egyptians used the Yellow Topaz to create amulets that would protect wearers and offer security. And in the Hebrew Bible, the Yellow Topaz is one of twelve gems used to create the breastplate worn by the High Priests. The stone is attributed to one of the twelve tribes of Israel as well as one of the Twelve angels aid to protect the gates to Heaven.

Famous celebrities with birthdays in November include: Matthew McConaughey, Rebecca Romijn, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, and Rachel McAdams.

November has quite a few wacky days throughout the month! You know sick days right? Well in November, you are advised on the 30th to take a Stay at Home Because you are Well Day! Other fun days include Marooned without a Compass Day, Clean your Refrigerator Day, Have a Party with your Bear Day, and Homemade Bread Day. Don’t forget, November is also home to Black Friday, one of the most intense shopping days in the year (right next to Cyber Monday!) Don’t forget to check out MyNameNecklace on the Friday after Thanksgiving to see what kind of amazing sales we have to offer!

Wear your birthday stone proudly on any one of our amazing Swarovski Crystal name necklaces! Happy November everyone! 
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