Monday, November 25, 2013

Hunger Games Mania!

It's all about the Hunger Games! Get a Katniss arrow necklace
Unless you have been living under a rock these past few weeks you have heard a lot about the Hunger Games latest installment: Catching Fire. The Hunger Games is a best-selling novel series by author Suzanne Collins. The trilogy of books was turned into a big box office film hit in 2012 with the first of the three films. Catching Fire opened to an almost record breaking first weekend this weekend, as so many were eager to watch the highly anticipated second film.
 Katniss, the main character played by the Oscar winning Jennifer Lawrence, continues to show off her amazing skills with her arrow, the skill that helped save her life, in the previous film. Get a personalized arrow necklace to show your love for the strong female character Katniss!

Many critics say the second film is a huge step up from the previous film, and praise the new director, Francis Lawrence for his work. Francis Lawrence will also be directing the final installment of the Hunger games series, Mockingjay, which will be split into two films. Mockingjay is currently being filmed and will be out in November 2014. We can't wait for it!

Jennifer Lawrence has been making the rounds at countless premiere and press calls around the world promoting "Catching Fire". During the her press tour she cut off long blonde locks for a stylish pixie cut, a cut that has been heavily talked about all over the fashion world. Jennifer seems to have fun with it as she has been styling in lots of different ways over the course of the press tour. Jennifer has also been experimenting with different styles of clothing, heavily in Dior as she is the brand ambassador for them.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the past few weeks:

Jennifer Lawrence Paris Catching Fire Premiere Dior
Jennifer Lawrence in a sleek Dior Gown at the Paris premiere
Jennifer Lawrence LA Catching Fire Premiere Dior
Jennifer Lawrence in a thigh-baring  scandalous Dior gown at the LA premiere
Jennifer Lawrence Madrid Catching Fire Premiere Alexander Mcqueen
Jennifer Lawrence in a bit more casual Alexander Mcqueen at a Madrid Photocall
Jennifer Lawrence Berlin Catching Fire Premiere Dior
Jennifer Lawrence in a Dior coatdress at the Berlin Premiere
This is just a few of her many gorgeous outfits of late. Let us know what you think of Jennifer's outfits and you excitement for the new Hunger Games!

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