Thursday, November 14, 2013

MNN Tip #4

Can I add more than one crystal to your selection of Swarovski Crystal Name Necklaces? Where do the crystal get placed on the name necklace?

Our Swarovski Name Necklaces tend be some of our most popular options! Not only do you get the chance to personalize the name or inscription you want, but you can also add a little big of color and pizzazz, elevating a simple name necklace to something extraordinary.

Each Swarovski Crystal Name Necklace comes with one stone of your choice. You are able to add additional stones but please note that not only is there an added fee for additional crystals, it also really depends on if there is a place to include another crystal. Especially for shorter names, this can be a very difficult task to complete. We recommend customers sticking with the one crystal.

Engraved Four Leaf Clover NecklaceSilver Middle Heart Swarovski Crystal Name Necklace

When it comes to where the crystal is placed, our designers have a few options up their sleeves. For example, if the name has an "i," the crystal will be placed in the dot. It can also be placed at the end of the name in the curl. Our designers pick the very best location to put the crystal so it looks the best!

Engraved Infinity Heart Necklace with Swarovski

Curious to learn more about our Swarovski Crystal Name Necklaces? Check out our page on Swarovski Crystal information. You can also read about the meaning behind the crystals!

What crystal would you choose on your name necklace? Would you go with your birth month, a favorite color, or a crystal that means something special to you? Put your response in the comment box below or tag us at @mynamenecklace.
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