Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthstone of the Month – September

September is the month where the seasons start to change from Summer to Autumn. We start putting away our summer wardrobe and fill our drawers with comfy sweatshirts and pants. We replace our fun, fruity drinks with hot cocoa. It is also when the leaves start changing, Fall veggies are easily accessible, and the weather gets cooler. It is also the month of the Sapphire!

Silver Initial Monogram Necklace with Swarovski Crystal
Silver Initial Monogram Necklace
with Swarovski Crystal
Sapphires are actually one of the earliest known precious gems and the name is derived from the Greek word “Sappheiros,” meaning “Precious Stone.” It has shown up all throughout history. In the Middle Ages, for example, Sapphires are said to preserve chastity, discover treachery and fraud, and protect from plague, poison, fever, and black magic.

Today, this precious stone is venerated all around the world, but nowhere more so than the East. Buddhists call it the Stone of Stones, and it is said to provide spiritual light, peace, and happiness to the wearer!

September is a very popular birth month for many of our favorite celebs, including Beyonce Knowles and Pippa Middleton! And if you were born in September, you are known for being suave, understanding, kind and sympathetic, trustworthy, and clever!

Silver Middle Heart Swarovski Crystal Name Necklace
Silver Middle Heart Swarovski
Crystal Name Necklace
Why else is September so cool? Well, September 2 is National Beheading Day! Don’t like someone, well, now you have an official day to behead them! Other fun days include the 13th, which is Blame Someone Else Day, the 18th is National Cheeseburger Day (YUM!), and the 28th is the Ask a Stupid Question Day (but when do you need a day to do this?!).

Whether you were born in September or not, come celebrate your birth month at MyNameNecklace with a large selection of Swarovski Crystal jewelry where you can show off appreciation for your birth month! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

What is Your Alter Ego?

By its definition, an alter ego is a second (or sometimes third or fourth) self that is distinct from a person’s original, normal personality. Kind of like Superman and Clark Kent or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Some celebrities today have so much fabulousness, sometimes they need to take a long break from being themselves and become another distinct person. When you cannot be yourself, why not be someone else?!

Walter White - Heisenberg Alter Ego
"I am the one who knocks."
One of our favorite examples right now in the office? Well, that would be Walter White and Heisenberg. A lot of us here are huge Breaking Bad fans and we are excited (and a bit sad) for the series finale on Sunday night. Heisenberg is definitely one of the craziest alter egos, but what are some others?

Let’s think. Of course there is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Don’t know that name? You probably know her by her alter ego – Lady Gaga. Other greats are Beyonce as Sasha Fierce, David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, Paul Reubens as Pee-wee Herman, and Andy Kaufman as Tony Clifton.

What would your alter ego be and what kind of name necklace would you wear with it?

Oh, and are you tuning in for the series finale of Breaking Bad?

Breaking Bad Name Necklace

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What’s To Come!

Hey everyone! Summer is over, Fall is setting here and everyone at MyNameNecklace is gearing up for yet another exciting holiday season! We are thinking about leaves changing colors, mugs of hot chocolate, and dusting off our hooded sweatshirts and coats. We are also looking forward to spending the holidays with our family and friends! What are you looking forward to the most?

You know what else we are looking forward to? Loads of new products coming out right when it is time to start thinking about gift giving! Check out a few samples of what we are going to be offering and stay tuned to our New Arrivals section too see these and more as they show up!

Evil Eye Bracelet
Evil Eye Bracelet
Initial Stud Earrings in Silver - Print
Initial Stud Earrings in Silver - Print

Personalized Angel Wing Necklace in Sterling Silver
Angel Wing Necklace in Sterling Silver
Personalized Wishbone Necklace in Sterling Silver
Wishbone Necklace in Sterling Silver

Hmm…what else?! Oh yea, we have a ton of special deals and promotions just for you!

This October, check out our amazing Early Bird Special. This October get $5 off your purchase AND free shipping with the code EARLY5. (It’s good only in October!)

Also to be on the lookout for – some amazing sales throughout the month of November and December, including a Cyber Monday sale that you would not believe! You will definitely have to come back to check it out!

Don’t miss out on any of it! Need gifts for the holidays? MyNameNecklace is your one-stop-shop to buy gifts for everyone you know!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Fashion Must-Haves

Autumn is coming!!
This excites me  greatly as it is my favorite season of season, because of the cold weather and gorgeous clothes, and obviously as it is my namesake. Here some items you must have this fall:

    Chloe Fall 2013 Oversized Coat 2013
    Chloe Fall 2013 Oversized Coat 2013
  • Oversized coats are huge trend this Fall. The bigger- the better. Just make sure you don't leave the house looking like you are wearing a potato sack!
Mulberry Fall 2013 Leather Trend
Mulberry Fall 2013 Leather Trend
  • If you were worried, you need not be, the leather trend is still in full force. Go crazy with leather this fall, whether by wearing leather clothes or accessories or everything at once. You'll look effortlessly cool and trendy.
Initial Necklace with Hamsa Charm
Initial Necklace with Hamsa Charm

  • Hamsa and Evil Eye jewelry is a huge trend this fall. Check out our luck jewelry category to take your pick or layer then for a truly trendy look!
Lanvin Fall 2013 Tartan Trend
Lanvin Fall 2013 Tartan Trend
  • You'll be seeing lots and lots of tartan patterns this fall. The perfect mix of cozy and professional.
3.1 Philip Lim Fall 2013 Color Block Trend
3.1 Philip Lim Fall 2013 Color Block Trend 
  • Color blocking has been a trend for quite a while but this fall you will see a more muted kind of blocking, whether in monochrome or muted autumn shades. 
How will you wear this fall's hottest trends? 

Get the trendiest in jewelry at!

Monday, September 16, 2013

MNN Tip of the Week #1

What should I do if my sterling silver jewelry gets scratched?

One of the biggest questions we are asked at MyNameNecklace is what happens if scratches start to appear on sterling silver jewelry. Because silver is a soft metal, there is always the possibility that after a long time of use, a little bit of natural wear and tear will occur. It is nothing to get upset about because it is really easy to make sterling silver look like new once again!

The best way to prevent the occurrence of scratches is to clean sterling silver jewelry often. If there are already scratches, cleaning will not completely remove the scratch, but make it much less visible.

Look for polishes and cleaners that are specifically for sterling silver jewelry. They are the best defense when it comes to getting rid of visible scratches. If you do not have any polish in your home, there are numerous jewelry cleaning hacks you can try with items you most likely already have in your home. For example, did you know that toothpaste (the paste kind and without whitening) or baking soda (mixed with hot water) can be excellent sterling silver cleaners? Probably not, but now you do!

Sterling Silver "Carrie" Style Name Necklace
Sterling Silver Carrie Name Necklace
To prevent future scratches from occurring, do not wear your jewelry exercising, while sleeping, or in the shower. Furthermore, when you are not wearing your jewelry, store it safely. Wrap sterling silver jewelry in tissue paper or scrap pieces of flannel material before storing it.

If you have any jewelry-related questions, leave them in the comments section below!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Quick and Easy (And Cheap!) DIY Jewelry Organizer Ideas

Being organized at home is something many of us fail to fully achieve, as much as we would like to. As organized as we are in one area, there is a whole other area that is often still a mess. And while organization can be difficult to do, it is useful and time saving, especially when it comes to jewelry. Do you really want to be searching through a box of tangled necklaces just to find your Sterling Silver Name Necklace or Celebrity Monogram Necklace? And do not even try searching for your Infinity Bracelet in that mess! Just the thought of sitting around untangling chains is enough to make anyone’s spine cringe in terror. But those fancy-shmancy jewelry organizers are usually super pricy, super ordinary, and super boring. Why not put your own spin on a jewelry organizer? Something you can do cheap, on the fly, and match your taste and personality. Here are three really great ideas for DIY jewelry organizers! Some you would never even think about!

Chain Earring HolderOh, and everything you need can be found at your local home improvement store! Yes, you read that right, a home improvement store! And the other great part? Be prepared to spend less mere pennies as compared to an expensive organizer from a store!

Go and pick up a hefty chain. You know, the type you use to secure gates. Pick that up along with two hooks to put on your wall. Hang it on your wall and use it as a fun earring organizer. In total, it maybe cost you five bucks and you can see all your earrings!

Rake Jewelry OrganizerOkay, your earrings are taken care of, but what about all those necklaces and bracelets? Hang the rake on the wall and use it to organize all your bracelets and necklaces. Do not like the rusty, metal color? Find your favorite color spray paint and go to town!

Jewelry Organizer PegboardIf you want to keep all your jewelry together in one location, get yourself a pegboard. These are boards usually used to organize tools but you can use it to organize all your baubles. All you need is a pegboard and some little metal pins and racks to hang within the holes of the pegboard. These will be used to hang your jewelry. Want to make it more feminine? Spray paint your pegboard. Also add a frame around it before hanging it on your wall so it really looks like a piece of art! Having all your jewelry displayed out in front of you will definitely make you want to wear more of it and different pieces than your “usual.”

How do you organize your jewelry? At MyNameNecklace, we would love to find out!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Why We Wear Luck Jewelry

Chances are we all have our own little lucky charm. Something we keep close to us at all time, especially during the difficult times of our lives – school exams, doctor appointments, job interviews, yearly reviews, and even when selecting this week’s lottery numbers. Whether it is a rabbit’s foot, an heirloom from a grandmother with a few “greats” before her, or even a penny, we all have something. One of the newest trends to rise out of the fashion world is luck jewelry. That is right, taking all the classic luck symbols, from horseshoes and crosses to hamsas and evil eyes, and turning them into stylish and chic pieces of jewelry to be worn at anytime and anywhere. And with all of our Luck Jewelry, you can even personalize it, to make it even luckier!

Gold Plated Engraved Horseshoe Necklace
Gold Plated Engraved Horseshoe Necklace
Let’s take horseshoes for example. It is said that horseshoes were first hung on doorways into homes to ward away evil spirits and goblins, as they were afraid of iron.  Today you can wear a Horseshoe Necklace around your neck to bring only good luck. Include your favorite “luck word” to have engraved on the necklace to make it even more special.

Evil Eye jewelry has really risen in popularity, especially over the last few years. It is said that this charm aids in protecting people from greed, envy, and ill-will. It is supposed to stop bad luck from happening and bring about wealth, happiness, and success. Obviously, this is the perfect choice for job interviews or job reviews.
Initial Pendant with Evil Eye Charm
Initial Pendant with Evil Eye Charm

Why don’t you buy every luck symbol available?! Not only will you be lucky where you go, but you will always be stylish! Check our selection of Luck Jewelry right now! And don’t forget to check back because we love luck and want you to feel as lucky as possible!

So, do you feel lucky? Do you?!

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