Sunday, December 29, 2013

Top New Years Resolutions for 2014

Hey everyone!

Christmas is behind us and now we can start looking forward to 2014. At MyNameNecklace we have loads of great stuff coming at you in the new year that we are super excited about!

But when we think of New Years the first thing we think about is New Years Resolutions! At the office we all write down our resolutions and hang them on a pegboard. It's so interesting to see what kind of resolutions people have. Here are the top New Year Resolutions!

What is your resolution for 2014? Let us know by leaving a comment below or tagging us at @mynamenecklace! We look forward to seeing you at our shop in the new year!

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas from MyNameNecklace!

Merry Christmas from MyNameNecklace!

We are wishing you are your family a very Merry Christmas!

Be sure to stop by our site after opening gifts and spending time with your family to check out what's coming, including some very special gifts for a holiday filled with love! (Oh you know the one we are talking about!)

Important Update Regarding Christmas Shipping

We realize that a few customers have been experiencing some shipping issues with their orders. We are doing our best to sort out the packages and have them delivered by USPS to you in time for Christmas.

It's important to keep in mind that the USPS is very overworked during this period (Look at the Facebook comments that they received on one of their Facebook photos to understand), and sometimes mistakes that they make on their end are out of our hands, and beyond our control. Sometimes they forget to either scan a package (which is why it doesn't show up on the tracking page), have issues with the locations scanned, and sometimes they plain forget the package.

Despite the heavy volume of emails we are working closely with each and every customer to best ensure that they receive their orders in time for the Holidays. We are also working with UPS to deliver some of the packages at literally the last second before Christmas, so be on the lookout as well.

We wish everyone a Happy Holiday season!


The My Name Necklace Family

Monday, December 16, 2013

Beyonce's New Album and Why We're So Excited!

Beyonce's New Album is Amazing!

Just after midnight on December 13th, the internet was shocked to hear that Beyoncé has a brand new album being offered exclusively on iTunes

Our first reaction was this:
Ryan Gosling Reacting to new beyonce Album

And then we were like:
What. Just. Happened? New Beyonce Album!

The album, simply called “Beyoncé” is her fifth studio album. It has already been deemed a "Visual" album, as highly produced music videos have been created for every track, and are also available for purchase on iTunes. Thanks to Complex we've chosen our 5 most favorite GIF's compiled from the new videos:

1. The perfect wind and scarf combination on "Ghost" 
The perfect wind and scarf combination on "Ghost"

2. Emotional Beyoncé on "Heaven"
Emotional Beyoncé on "Heaven"
3. The James Bond Girl look on "Partition"
The James Bond Girl look on "Partition"
4. Invisible jump-roping in "Flawless"
Invisible jump-roping in "Flawless"
5. And finally some family love while hanging out with her daughter in "Blue"
some family love while hanging out with her daughter in "Blue"

Better yet on her Instagram you can find a 15 second mash-up of all the clips rolled into one! Check it out here.

We've already discussed Beyoncé and her love of personalized jewelry many times, featuring her wearing a block monogram necklace, her daughter Blue Ivy on her name necklace, and famously her support of President Obama by wearing hoop earrings bearing his name

After you buy the full album, and check out some of the videos, head on over to MyNameNecklace and get the same jewelry that fit for a Queen like Beyoncé! We recommend our XXL Large Block Monogram Necklace for those of you that like "Queen Bey" really want to make a statement!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Birthstone of the Month - December

Welcome to December! If you haven’t dusted off your winter coats yet, now is the perfect time to do so. The weather is getting colder and mugs of hot cocoa are looking more and more inviting by the minute. The snow is falling and we are all gearing up to spend the holiday season with family, friends, and loved ones. If you have a birthday during December, consider yourself very lucky. Not only do you have your birthday and Christmas to look forward to, but you have one of the most beautiful birth stones around – the Blue Topaz!

While there are actually a number of birthstones associated with the month of December, none are more popular than the blue topaz. (The other two being tanzanite and turquoise.) What makes this topaz stand out from all the others is its vibrant blue color. The topaz is originally a clear stone, but when it is heated (either artificially or naturally), it turns into a beautiful shade of blue. And the deeper the blue color, the more valuable this gemstone is!

The cool blue color is symbolic of a cool, crisp December sky, hence why it makes for the perfect birthstone option. The ancient Greeks believed that the cooling effect this gemstone had could calm the temper of any wearer as well as balance their mental state. Many also believed that the blue topaz could be dropped in a pot of boiling water and instantly cool it. For these reasons, and many others, this gemstone is seen as a symbol of tranquility and peace – it has the ability to calm even the most boiling of tempers. This gemstone is also said to improve focus and concentration, and when placed by a person’s side as they sleep, it has the power to protect the person from nightmares. Today, the blue topaz represents loyalty faithfulness, and love, making it a perfect gift for a significant other.

Amanda Seyfried wears an initial disc necklace
Amanda Seyfried wears an initial disc necklace
Famous celebrities who have birthdays in December include Britney Spears, Amanda Seyfried, Ashley Benson, and Alyssa Milano. Which celebrity do you share a December birthday with?

There are many important dates in December, of course aside from Christmas! There is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (who wouldn’t LOVE that!), National Pastry Day, Bake Cookies Day, and National Brownie Day. (Do you see a pattern emerging?!) There’s also Put on Your Own Shoes Day, Bathtub Party Day, and Look for an Evergreen Day, but quite honestly, you lost me after Ice Cream Day!

Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Enter to win a pair of free monogram earrings!!

Enter to win a pair of free monogram earrings!!
Enter to win a pair of free monogram earrings!!
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Start the new year with style with a pair of monogram earrings. Why not be stylish and personal at the same time? The sterling silver monogram earrings also make for a great gift. All you need is your loved ones initials and you have a gift they will adore and treasure. Hurry! Only a few more days to order in time for Christmas delivery!

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A video reminder that Free Shipping ends NOW!

One Final Reminder!

Our Free Guaranteed Christmas Delivery Option is just minutes away from ending, so act now in order to take advantage of our free Christmas delivery.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas is almost here, have you bought gifts yet?

Trees are being decorated, holiday recipes are being looked up, and everyone has Jingle Bells playing on repeat in their head. Christmas is almost here! At MyNameNecklace we can already taste the eggnog and candy canes! But with Christmas just days away, it means now more than ever you need to place your order at to ensure it is wrapped and ready to go under your Christmas tree December 25th.

Why Shop with Us?

We are one of the lone personalized jewelry websites left still offering guaranteed free delivery in time of Christmas. But beware, the deadline is quickly approaching! Don’t you want to buy your family and friends the best in personalized jewelry, including name necklaces and monogram accessories?
Stop by now and check out our collections of initial necklaces, infinity jewelry, and monograms. Not sure what’s popular? Check out our Best Sellers for what’s hot right now. Want to find the next trendy personalized piece before everyone else? Look no further than our New Arrivals category, where our expert designers premiere their newest jewelry.

Free Christmas Shipping Ends Soon!

Don’t miss out on finding the perfect Christmas present for someone special in your life! Click here and shop our items before guaranteed holiday shipping ends. Happy Holidays! 

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Still looking to buy gifts for Christmas? Don't wait any longer! Check out our Green Monday Sale! Get 13% off on selected items in our Green Monday category! It's your last chance to save money on some amazing personalized products, including name necklaces and monogram jewelry! Stop by today and don't forget to use GREEN13 to get your 13% off select jewelry accessories!

Green Monday Sale

Stop by MyNameNecklace and see our huge selection of personalized jewelry!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our amazing stylist pick is the item to get this week!

Get a special coupon off the XXL statement monogram necklace!
Get a special coupon off the XXL statement monogram necklace!
Every week we pick our favorite item that we know that people will absolutely love! This week we are featuring our super cute XXL monogram statement necklace. This necklace pops with every outfit you wear with it. Need some style inspiration? Here are some adorable outfits ideas:

Style ideas for monogram necklace
The silver color of your monogram necklace will standout with this wintery dark red. A perfect outfit for a casual holiday get-together. 
Style ideas for monogram necklace
Want a mixture of tough and sweet? Go for a leather and spiky look, and pair it with lace to tone it down. A monogram necklace will add a touch of charm and its size will complete your tough look.

If you are looking for an easy way to spice up your wardrobe, then the XXL monogram necklace is the perfect way to do it!

Get this necklace and more at Use FBSTYLISTPICK for $5 off your purchase!

Monday, December 2, 2013


Cyber Monday Sale

Don't miss out on our Cyber Monday Sale Extravaganza! Receive 15% off on your order when you buy personalized jewelry today!
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