Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Beyonce is FLAWLESS

Beyonce wears a "FLAWLESS" name necklace
Beyonce wears a "FLAWLESS" name necklace
Beyonce, otherwise known as Queen Bey, has dominated 2013. We see no signs of her slowing down in 2014 as she gears up for continuing her Mrs. Carter world tour. Beyonce made waves when she dropped her surprise visual album in early December. She shows off her confidence wearing a "FLAWLESS" name necklace on her Instagram account, not that anyone doubts her flawlessness. In Beyonce's new album one of her song's is titled "Flawless".  In promoting her new album Beyonce dropped by a local Walmart to see her new CD and to reward each Walmart shopper a $50 gift card. This was amid controversy when Target and Amazon announced they would not be selling Beyonce's physical CD after she released her CD exclusively on iTunes. Beyonce's new album is unprecedented and the waves of her new album are sure to start a trend among other artists as well.

So what things are you excited for Beyonce to do in 2014?

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