Monday, January 6, 2014

Birthstone of the Month - January

Happy New Year everyone! Now that it is 2014 what resolutions do you have for the New Year? Do you want to be healthy, spend less money, or even just lead a more positive life? Are you going to try to stick with your resolution? We are all hoping here that we can do it!

And let’s not forget those of you who celebrate your birthday in the first month of the New Year – January! And if you have a birthday this month, you know that your birthstone is the beautiful garnet!

January Stone - GarnetGarnets signify everlasting trust and friendship, making it the perfect present to give to a friend. The word “garnet” derives from the world “granatum,” which means seed. It got its name because of the gemstone’s resemblance of a pomegranate seed. Even though garnets come in many colors, the red one is the popular one everyone thinks of when they hear the name of this gemstone. Some of the first references of garnets go back to Ancient Egypt, where this was a common stone used as inlays in jewelry.

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Do you want to have a successful business? Put three garnets on your desk and watch your business flourish! Feeling a bit depressed? Place a garnet under your pillow as you sleep as it is said that this gemstone can alleviate depression. When worn in jewelry, garnets grant a person self-esteem and popularity. Garnets represent truth and purity, compassion and love. And if you really need a boost in the bedroom, wearing a garnet can actually increase your sex drive!

The largest number of garnets can be found throughout Africa. Other locations where garnets can be found include India, Sri Lanka, and Brazil. Of course, you can also find them atMyNameNecklace!

Some of our favorite celebrities with January birthdays include Bradley Cooper, Kate Middleton, Orlando Bloom, Alicia Keys, and of course the forever-loved Betty White (she will be 92)!

Happy Birthday January babies!
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