Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Love Is...

Ahhh, love is in the air. Can you feel it? At MyNameNecklace love is everywhere! And why wouldn't it be with Valentine's Day right around the corner! What is love to you? For me, the Beatles said it best - "Love is all you need." If you were told to finish the statement "Love is," what would you say? Well, taking to the "streets" (and by streets I mean our offices), let's see what some of the fabulous workers here had to say!

Love Necklace for Valentine's Day 1
"Love is an explosion!" - Sara; Customer Relations

"Love is crying over a baby on a television commercial." - Limor; Art Studio

"Love is cold beer and warm sunshine." - Aaron; Marketing Department

"Love is getting breakfast in bed." - Michelle; Customer Relations

"Love is thai food." - Oliver; Customer Relations (He just came back from vacation in Thailand!)

"Love is solving the Sunday crossword puzzle together." - Belle; IT Department

"Love is letting him pick the movie...without complaining about it." - Stephanie; Customer Relations

"Love is in the air." - Elin, Customer Relations

Love Necklace for Valentine's Day 2"Love is Everything." - Sandrine; Products Department

"Love is the most basic emotions that human awareness can feel; therefore, it is the closest to the source of life." - Ann; Marketing Department

"Love is butterflies in your tummy." - Milly; Customer Relations

"Love is unique, expensive, all." - Kevin; Marketing Department

"Love is knowing when to forgive and forget." - Lynn; Customer Relations

What is love to you? Leave a comment here or tag us at @mynamenecklace with your answer! And don't forget to check out our Valentine's Day personalized jewelry!

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