Monday, March 24, 2014

Show Off Your NCAA Team Pride in Style

The NCAA March Madness 2014 tournament is in full swing right now and we are all following it very closely here at the MyNameNecklace office. And with so many surprises and upsets this year, many of us are suffering from a severe case of bracket-busting. But it's all in good fun, right? Just don't look to any of us to win that Billion Dollar Bracket! (Oh Warren Buffett!)

As our favorite teams are playing, you can find us in the office wearing sweatshirts and colors supporting our favorite teams! For me, while they didn't make it to the Sweet 16, I was supporting the Syracuse Orangemen all the way.

Syracuse Orangemen Name Necklace
If they won, I would totally wear this name necklace
around the office with pride!

What team are you a fan of? Are you rooting for the Florida Gators or the Michigan State Spartans? Get a name necklace with your team's name!

You don't even need to get a name necklace if you don't want, but a monogram necklace in your school's colors! If you are rooting for Michigan State University, this is the perfect necklace to have!

But that isn't the only way to show off your team pride! Why not wear the state you are rooting for! If you are an Ohio Buckeye's fan then this State Necklace with Initial is totally for you! (You can even get a 

State Necklace with Initial Charm
Who do we think is going to win the dance?Well, here is our pick below!

Who are you rooting for? Show your support in the comments below or leave us a comment at +MyNameNecklace !
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