Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Time To Start Thinking About Mother's Day Gifts

First and foremost, open up your calendar and write this down on May 11: Mother's Day.

Yes, it will be here before you know it. And while you may think you have all the time in the world to get just the right gift, the truth is, the more you wait, the harder it will be to find that perfect gift that shows your mom just how much you care!

Now, you are probably thinking, "I will just get her the usual, a bouquet of flowers and a nice box of chocolate." Well, before you start looking at online flower vendors, stop! These items are like old slippers - tried, tested, and above all else, completely boring. (The same could be said for buying your mom a new pair of slippers. Just don't.)

Every single mom is the best mom in the world, and as so, holds the title "Best Mom in the World." (Most likely this has been inscribed on a mug you gave her for a previous Mother's Day. Don't lie, we've all given this generic, yet endearing gift.) Your mom isn't the "best mom" because she does what all other moms do, but because she is different, because she follows the beat of her own drummer. So this year, isn't it about time you threw away the obvious gift ideas and really showed your appreciation by getting something you know she will love?

Want a secret to finding the perfect gift for mom? Get her a gift based on what she loves. If she is a gardener, buy her something to do with that. If you want to pamper mom, get her a spa day! Mother's Day gifts to stay away from: gifts that are more work than anything else (loose glitter is pretty, but a pain to clean up), something that she will take to mean she needs to work out, or even cash. Well, unless you want your mom to be like this:

If you are having trouble deciding, we have the perfect idea - a personalized necklace for mom! Any mom, no matter what she likes or what she does will love a beautiful personalized gift. Each one is different and allows a mom to keep her children near her.

Filigree Family Tree Birthstone NecklaceName Bar Necklace in Silver
We have a huge selection of personalized mother's jewelry that is perfect for any kind of mom out there. So let's try avoiding the mundane and go for something extraordinary instead! And no matter what you get, it will always show off this sentiment:
Love You Mom

Like what you see at MyNameNecklace? Use SHOP10MOM to get 10% off your purchase. The coupon is good through May 11. Buy the gift of personalized jewelry for mom. She is sure to love it!
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