Monday, March 31, 2014

Top 10 Common Mistakes Made When Ordering Personalized Jewelry Online

Jewelry is not only a popular accessory, it is an essential one. The right piece of jewelry can seriously elevate your outfit, taking your ensemble from ordinary to extraordinary. Jewelry can also make the perfect gift to give someone else. Personalized jewelry, especially, is very popular. All the celebrities are wearing all forms of personalized accessories, including name necklaces, monogram jewelry, and engraved bar necklaces. However, before you make your purchase, be aware of the common mistakes others make. This will ensure that when you receive your order, it will be exactly what you want!
Chain Length Guide - Click Here to Read More

1. Assuming Which Chain Length is Best

Most pieces of jewelry offer a selection of chain length sizes. You should always choose the chain length that fits you best. The last thing you want to do is choose a chain length that ends up being too short or too long. This goes for bracelets as well. Also, keep this in mind, with some pendants, the chain length is longer than what is listed. If you order a name necklace with an 18" chain, chances are it will be closer to 20".

2. Not Measuring Your Ring Size Before Purchasing

The same can be said about making sure you have the right ring size. The last thing you want is to order a ring and have it not fit. But don't worry, just in case this happens, we do offer a free resizing!

3. Not Checking the Spelling of Your Name Necklace

This point cannot be emphasized enough - always make sure to check how you spelled the name/word you want before pressing the checkout button. No one wants to receive a name necklace that is misspelled and realize it is their fault. Typos happen, it is normal, but that is why we edit things first!

4. Forgetting the Right Way to Write Your Monogram

Do you know how to write your monogram out? Did you know that the last name should be the middle letter in the monogram? This is why we created our Monogram Initial Guide - so you know exactly how to write out your monogram and it comes to you perfect!

14k Solid Gold Name Necklace5. Not Knowing the Difference Between  Solid Gold and Gold Plated Jewelry

One of the biggest complaints we get is people who ordered an 18k gold plated item without fully realizing it is plated over 0.925 Sterling Silver and is not solid gold. We have a huge selection of gold plated and solid gold items. Be sure to know what kind of gold item you are ordering before you pay for it.

6. Making Assumptions When the Shipment will Arrive

Never assume when your shipment will arrive. Since this is personalized jewelry, there is a three to five day turnaround time before the item is sent out to you. Each item is specific to that person, so it takes some time to make. However, we promise to get the item in the mail to you as soon as possible. Most orders arrive within 10-14 business days. (And we do offer quicker shipping options just in case you are in a time crunch!)

7. Forgetting to Ask for Special Requests Prior to Placing Your Order

Some customers ask for special requests - additional stones or pendants on a piece of jewelry - and that is okay, but ask before you place your order. The worst thing is to place your order and then ask for a special request we are unable to fulfill. Of course you should know what we can do before putting money down. You can contact customer service with any questions you may have!

8. Not Previewing Your Item

Before you buy a shirt or a pair of pants, you always try it on first, right? Preview your necklace before you purchase it. Whether you are going for a Carrie Name Necklace or a monogram accessory, see how it will look before you buy it. This way, you know exactly what you are going to receive!

9. Glossing Over if the Accessory is Nickel Free or Not

Some people have nickel allergies and the slightest bit of this metal in a piece of jewelry can cause a massive allergic reaction. Always make sure jewelry accessories are 100% nickel free before buying. At MyNameNecklace, all our items (except for 14k White Gold products) are completely nickel free!

10. Forgetting the Gift Box

A lot of people love our website because you can find a wide selection of great gifts to give to someone you know for any occasion. No matter someone's personal style, there is always something for them. If you are going to buy it and have it shipped straight to the recipient, do not forget to include the gift box and gift note! Not only does it look really nice, but they will know who the gift is from!

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