Monday, April 28, 2014

Grateful For Our Moms

At MyNameNecklace, we love moms, more specifically, we love our own moms, of course! When finding the perfect Mother's Day gift, you will find a lot of us combining something from our Mother's Collection with a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolate, or even a nice spa package. We have a lot to say about our moms and what they mean to us, and we like to think we show our moms how much we appreciate them every day of the year!

Here are the top 10 reasons why we are grateful for our moms!

Mother's Day Someecard 1

1) First and foremost, for giving birth to us!

modern family birth

2) Forgiving us for doing silly things.

kid and mom accident

3) For making sure we love ourselves unconditionally.

the help scene

4) For being our own personal cheerleaders.

honey boo boo mom june

5) Picking us up whenever we need a ride.

call mom for a ride

6) Cleaning up after all our messes.

mrs doubtfire cleaning

7) Always trying to act cool around our friends.

8) For being the perfect role model

drawing of mom mistake

9) Protecting us from everything.

malcom in the middle

10) For always being there when we need help, no matter what. Thank you to our moms; we love you!!!!

Mother's Day Someecard 2

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