Friday, April 4, 2014

The Weekly Jive: Week of March 31

Hey everyone and welcome back to the weekly roundup of the most talked about topics in our office. This week we welcomed in April, started playing peek-a-boo with the sun, and became hopeful for the upcoming Spring months. And with Mother's Day right around the corner (May 11th to be exact), isn't it about time you started thinking of the perfect gift for mom? Go now to our website and use the code SHOP10MOM to get 10% off your order!

1) Of course, before we go any further, first comes first - we need to mention this week's ultimately amazing Stylist's Pick: The Large Monogram Necklace in Sterling Silver. It's fun, it's playful, and it should be in your jewelry box ASAP!

Large Monogram Necklace in Sterling Silver

2) What did you think about the "How I Met Your Mother" series finale? Our office was very divided - some loved it and some hated it. No matter what you thought of the finale, it was definitely the end of a legend - wait for it - dary show.

3) How is your NCAA bracket faring? With the Final Four this weekend, who do you think will move on. I can tell you that someone in our office has been rooting non-stop for the Wisconsin Badgers!

March Madness Final Four Board

4) Do you watch Glee? This week they made the official journey from Lima, Ohio to NYC! And while we had to say goodbye to a lot of cast members, most of our favorites are now trying their luck in the Big Apple! And with the series winding down next season, we are all watching to see how these story lines unfold.

Rachel Berry Wears Finn Name Necklace
Who can forget when Rachel wore this Finn Name Necklace to commemorate the loss of her boyfriend both in the show and in real life, played by Cory Monteith

5) After months and months of speculation and denying, Johnny Depp has made the official announcement that he and his co-star from the 2011 movie "The Rum Diary," Amber Heard, are engaged. Thank you for coming out with what we have all known for ages! And congrats!

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