Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Always Buy Personalized Jewelry

Let's face it - personalized jewelry is an endless trend with no signs of tiring out. We love name necklaces, monogram necklaces, bar necklaces, and any other piece of jewelry that is unique and special to the wearer. Whether you have an original style or you want to stand out in a crowd, do it with personalized jewelry. But you may be asking, "Why should I buy a personalized necklace instead of something non-personalized?" Well, we don't just have one answer for you but ten amazing reasons why personalized jewelry is always the way to go!

1) Monogram necklaces and name jewlery are really amazing gifts that recipients will always treasure! Whenever they wear it, they will think of you!

2) When you buy someone a personalized piece of jewelry, you will instantly become their favorite parent/sibling/friend/grandparent/coworker...etc. You get the point!

3) You totally don't have to get your name on a name necklace! Get something zany and outlandish that is fun and will definitely spark a few questions! Are you a Ninjasaurus? Show it off!

4) Because Beyonce rocks personalized jewelry!

Beyonce Wears a Block Monogram Necklace

5) Speaking of Queen B, who wouldn't want to rock this necklace below? You can wear your very best attribute around your neck in style!

6) Because wearing your name around your neck is a heck of a lot cooler than any other way to show off your name!

Hello My Name Is Sticker

7) Personalized jewelry is a great gift for any occasion and something that is sure to be loved. And with Mother's Day right around the corner, don't you want to find the perfect gift for mom? Of course you do! (And don't forget, we still have an awesome discount for all our lovely blog readers - 10% off with SHOP10MOM)

8) While Facebook only let's you say if you are single or taken, a name necklace allows you to be a bit more explicit regarding your relationship status!

WifedUp Acrylic Name Necklace

9) Personalized jewelry can teleport you to the moon for a mid-day cocktail! Well, no, it really can't, but you can totally feel as though you are going to the moon!

Engraved Moon Necklace at MyNameNecklace

10) Because personalized jewelry is awesome and we wouldn't have it any other way!
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