Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Birthstone of the Month - May

Hello all your May babies out there, those celebrating the 20th or 35th wedding anniversary, along with everyone whose favorite color is green! This month's birthstone is the very beautiful emerald! Who doesn't love this piercing green stone? It is fun, fabulous, and really a great gemstone to wear!

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Did you know that the name of the stone comes from the ancient Greek word 'Smaragdos,' which means 'green stone'? It is considered one of the 'precious four' of gemstones (the other three being rubies, sapphires, and, of course, diamonds). Colombia is known far and wide as the best source for emeralds. Other countries with emerald deposits include Brazil, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

There have been many stories told about this gemstone. It was the sacred stone of Venus, the Roman goddess, who believed it preserved love. The Aztecs and Incas dubbed the emerald a holy gemstone.The Hindu holy scriptures, the Vedas, state the emerald promises good luck and enhances one's well being. During the Victorian era, the birthstone was a popular gemstone in many jewelry designs.

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The emerald is associated with friendship, loyalty, and faithfulness. If you give an emerald to your significant other, it is supposed to ensure an everlasting relationship. Emeralds also enhance tranquility and ease troubled minds when worn. Because of its deep green color, this gemstone is symbolic of nature and the renewal of life. Emeralds are said to increase a person's ability to communicate and be diplomatic in endeavors. It can strengthen memory and restore hope and confidence.

Do you have a May birthday? Maybe you share your birthday with one of the following celebrities - Adele (May 5), Stephen Amell (May 8), and Ginnifer Goodwin (May 22),

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