Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Iggy Azalea gets "Fancy" with a Name Necklace

Iggy Azalea wearing a nameNecklace
Iggy Azalea wears a name necklace
Iggy Azalea is a talented new rapper hailing from Australia. Hit hit song "Fancy" has taken the world by storm with it catchy and fun lyrics. This is bound to be the hit of the summer. Iggy Azalea has also quickly risen for her amazing fashion sense. In a few short months since her rise she has been on the top of many Best Dressed lists. Iggy Azalea is also a big fan of personal jewelry! She has been seen multiple times wearing an "IGGY" name necklace at various shows and her video for "Work".Iggy has a strong presence and she isn't afraid to show it! Whether showing of her name or wearing provacative clothing, Iggy loves to show herself to the world!

Iggy also recently wore a Twitter necklace with the name of her Instagram page, @thenewclassic which she regularly updates. Get ready to see because you will be seeing this talented rapper a lot from now. And Iggy isn't planning to go anywhere as she says in her song "Work": "Cause every night, Ima do it like it's my last. This dream is all that I need, cause it's all that I ever had" Well that's commitment if we ever saw it!
Iggy Azalea wearing a Twitter Necklace
Iggy Azalea looks gorgeous with her Twitter Necklace
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