Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ryan Gosling Loves Name Necklaces

Even Ryan Gosling loves wearing a name necklace!

Celebrated actor, internet meme and all around cool guy, Ryan Gosling, has now has added another awesome accolade to his bucket list; wearing a name necklace! Gosling was spotted wearing a necklace with the inscription Hugo, as a homage to his girlfriend Eva Mendes dog's name:
Ryan Gosling sporting a Necklace with the Name Hugo
Ryan with a Hugo Necklace
Gosling is showing just how cool personalized jewelry can look, even on a guy! Visit our men's jewelry category and find out all the types of necklaces, bracelets, and rings that can be personalized. Whether its a dog tag, ID bracelet, or a necklace to share your heart with your love, you'll find it.

Personalized men's jewelry is cool and Ryan Gosling and his manly beard give their unwitting approval:
Ryan Gosling's Manly Beard
Ryan Gosling's Manly Beard
Gosling's movies are featured twice in our favorite Valentine's Day Movies, so you know we love him.
He has also shown affection for dogs on previous occasions, and he can be frequently be seen walking Mendes' dogs in Los Angeles. Here is Hugo the dog walking with Eva:
Eva Mendes walking her dog Hugo.
Eva Mendes walking her dog Hugo.
Hey Girl, I'd walk your dog anytime...
Hey Girl, I'd walk your dog anytime

Whether you're a mother who wants to put her kids name on a piece of jewelry, a loving boyfriend who wants a personalized gift for his girl, parents looking for a different kind of graduation gift, or like Ryan Gosling and want to commemorate a name of a favorite pet, get it made today from MyNameNecklace!

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