Monday, May 19, 2014

The Best Life Hacks for Post Grads

Graduation from college - one chapter of your life ends and the rest of your life begins! It is an insanely exciting time that is filled with so many emotions! While it is exciting to finally be done, it can also be quite scary. The next step is into the real world and, well, that can be kind of overwhelming! But don't worry, we have some great post grad life hacks to help you out on the road to the rest of your life!

lots and lots of coupons1) Don't throw away those coupon circulars! You do not have to be one of those extreme couponers, but saving a few bucks here and there can't hurt!

2) Pregame before you go out to the bars. While you probably did this in university, it was probably so you can be even more drunk. Now you do it to save money by not buying as many expensive drinks at the bar!

3) Speaking of alcohol, it is time to start learning about wine and other "adult" drinks. Yes, PBR is still acceptable every now and then, but you should learn the difference between a Rosé and a Riesling.

4) Scour the internet for deals on used furniture. Yes, these items have been loved, but they are also inexpensive for your first apartment. Little by little you can replace the used furniture with new items.

5) If you aren't getting your own place and you are still at your parents, don't be ashamed. It is a great way to save money and work on paying off your student loan debt.

Script Initial Pendant Necklace6) Make sure to always look professional at job interviews. First impressions are of the utmost importance and you want to look good, but not look like you just rolled out of bed. Initial necklaces are a really great accessory to wear because they are personalized but still chic.

7) You are now responsible for filing taxes. Do yourself a favor and buy some tax software for yourself. It is cheaper than hiring someone to do your taxes for you....or ignoring your taxes altogether.

8) If you are in a new city - learn to navigate it! Explore it, find where the cheap eats are, and learn the culture in the area!

9) Join the local community center, try a new sport, get some kind of hobby where you will meet new people and make new friends.

10) Don't forget to splurge every once in awhile! You are still young and you can still have fun. Take a trip somewhere, go on a mini shopping something that reminds you that post university life is not all about becoming an adult right away!

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