Thursday, June 12, 2014

Introducing the Scrabble Necklace!

We are always looking for the next best thing in personalized jewelry. And when something pops up on our 'trend radar,' we are quick to pick it up and provide it to you! Well, we have the latest in fashionable necklaces for you - our Sterling Silver Scrabble Necklace!

Scrabble Necklace
We first noticed this necklace on the hit television show Pretty Little Liars. Troian Bellisario's character, Spencer, was gifted one by her boyfriend Toby. Since then, the popularity of this necklace has grown by leaps and bounds!

Spencer's Scrabble Necklace on Pretty Little Liars

Now we have this necklace available for you! You can  get any of the blocks you want! Get your initial or get your lucky Scrabble piece! You can even buy a few necklaces and create your own word or your name using Scrabble pieces! How much is your initial or word worth?

Scrabble Necklace
No matter if you are a wordsmith in love with this game or you just love this latest personalized jewelry trend, you should definitely get yourself a Scrabble Necklace today!

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