Thursday, June 26, 2014

Taystee of Orange is the New Black wears My Name Necklace necklaces!

Danielle Brooks as "Taystee" wears MyNameNecklace necklaces!
Danielle Brooks as "Taystee" wears MyNameNecklace necklaces! 
Everyone is talking about the hit new show Orange is the New Black that just came out with the second season. As Netflix posts all their episodes at once, this is a show made for those who love binge watching (me!). We at MyNameNecklace had the honor of making necklaces for our favorite character Taystee (also known as Tasha, as we find out the second season) I mean, how can you not love her?
The actress Danielle Brooks posted the love for her character as well as our necklaces on her Instagram as the #OINTB cast has already started filming the 3rd season. I, for one can not wait!!

Let's take a look at some of the best moments of the second season. (Don't worry no spoilers!)
Piper being silly as always!
Oh Poussey, don't we all? Poussey made a rise in this season as a mch more intricate character and we just can't get enough of her!
Sweet Morello, how right you are!
This is quite possibly my favorite moment of season 2. Red is so witty and sarcastic. Can't wait for new things for Red to get into in season 3!
Sophia knows how to make all the girls in Litchfield feel good, no matter the dreary place they are in.

So what are your favorite moments from Orange is the New Black?

Be sure to get Taystee's favorite necklaces at (P.S. she wears ou18k Gold-Plated Silver Carrie Name Necklace and our Classic "Carrie" Style Acrylic Name Necklace in magenta.)
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