Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Best Sweet 16 Gifts!

Turning 10 years old, getting your driver's licence, being able to vote, to drink - these are all important times in a person's life revolving around a specific age. For girl's, there is another important age, 16. Every girl, while planning their dream wedding, also plans for their Sweet 16! This is a coming of age party primarily celebrated in the United States and Canada. This even can be formal or casual and usually includes a tiara and/or shoe ceremony to symbolize the girl becoming a woman! Everyone has been to these but sometimes you don't always know what kind of gift to give and that is why we are here to help!
Silver Three Initial Monogram Necklace with Swarovski
1) Cash is always the primary gift that people give for Sweet 16 parties. Checks and prepaid credit cards are not very original, but are very useful.

2) Monogram jewelry is super hot right now! Any girl would love to wear her monogram...especially if you add a bit of bling to it! Our Monogram Necklace with Crystal is the perfect choice! She is sure to love it! And while you can get her the crystal that corresponds with her birthday, you can also choose a crystal based on color or meaning!

3) Any girl would be thrilled to receive a gorgeous necklace with her name on it! We have a huge selection of name necklace options! Be sure to check them all out and find just the right one for the recipient!

Infinity Pendant in Sterling Silver
4) No teen will say "no" to a new smartphone or electronic tablet! This gift is great for kids to chat, call, surf the internet, play games, and organize their lives.

A Sterling Silver Monogrammed Ring5) All the top celebrities are enjoying infinity jewelry and we have a huge selection of infinity symbol jewelry! Any girl would like a double chain infinity necklace or an engraved infinity accessory!

6) We already mentioned the popularity of monograms, but it should definitely not be underestimated. A monogram ring is hugely popular, and an ultimate style statement. And don't worry, we make it really easy to find your ring size!

7) At 16, most kids are already becoming new drivers. While you may not want to buy the guest of honor a new car, but you can get them something for their car, like a New Driver Kit or an upgrade in their stereo system.

8) Lastly, but certainly not least, initial jewelry! Initial necklaces are understated but ultra chic and stylish. It is very popular to layer regular necklaces with initial necklaces for the ultimate in trendy looks!

Personalized Initial Jewelry

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