Thursday, July 24, 2014

Calling All Teachers Out There! It's Time to Start Thinking About Back to School

The end of July is quickly creeping up on us, and for any teacher out there, August isn't about fun in the sun and last minute vacations, but starting to plan for the upcoming school year. With the year going by quickly, September will be here before any of us even know it. It isn't just students who dread going back to school, but teachers aren't always thrilled about the end of summer vacation either. And when it comes to this time of year, teachers have to go back to school shopping as well. (Speaking of, keep checking back at MyNameNecklace for our amazing Back to School Sale starting soon!) We have asked teachers we know from all levels (kindergarten all the way to university level) to provide us with the most important information available. And now we are sharing it with you!

Teacher at Start and End of School Year

Helpful Hints for New Teachers

Becoming a teacher is a very rewarding job, you help shape the minds of people, expose them to new things, and show them a different way to look at life. We want to make sure you start on the right foot, so here are five helpful hints shared with us and now given to you!
  • Develop relationships not only with staff, but also with children and parents.
  • Create your own system of learning that works for you, don't use someone else's system if it isn't right for you.
  • Keep a clear plan of what you need to accomplish every month.
  • Don't be Super Woman, you can't do it all so be flexible
  • Have fun!

What to Pack in Your Bag

Silver Bar Necklace with Birthstone
Just like children need to pack their school bag every day for classes, teachers need to pack their own bag as well. What should you pack? Well, aside from some Ibuprofen and a spare shirt (depending on what field you are in!), as well as a planner (your "bible" as it may, which includes class lists, grades, homework schedule, and so on), your lessons plans, a pencil case, a folder for all loose paper, and of course a bottle of water and some snacks high in protein.

Oh yea, and don't forget a lunch (or some lunch money to buy from the cafeteria!

You Can be a Fashion-Forward Teacher

Multiple Initial Bar Pendant Necklace
Gone are the days decades ago when teachers wore frumpy outfits with collars "up to here" and skirts/dresses "down to there." While teachers are supposed to dress modestly, it doesn't mean that they have to give up their favorite styles and patterns. It is essential to be much more aware of what you buy. A good suggestion is to buy pieces that are good for when you are in school and when you aren't. But the best way to show off your style is through personalized jewelry! Whether you wear a bar necklace, an initial pendant, or even monogram jewelry, it adds a special little touch to the outfit. Students will think you are hip and other teachers will love your style. 
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