Thursday, July 31, 2014

Monogram Fever is Here! Check Out these Iconic Monogram Designs!

Did you hear that monogram fever is going around? At MyNameNecklace we are suffering from a love of monograms - and if it is wrong to feel bad, well, we don't want to be right!

Monogram Fever at MyNameNecklace

We simply love everything about monograms! Monograms are one of the trendiest fashion accessories! All the hottest celebrities are wearing them, including Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Monograms are the perfect way to show off who you are and what you are all about. And you don't even need to put your name on a monogram! Have a favorite three-letter word or abbreviation, put that on a monogram!

But we don't only see monograms in jewelry, some of the biggest companies around also use monograms in their logos and designs! Below we picked five our our favorite uses of monograms in logos!


Keep Calm and Wear Chanel


Volkswagen Logo

Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furtenberg Logo

Louis Vuitton 

(Thanks Kelly Oxford for pointing this one out!)

New York Yankees

New York Yankees Logo

Now do you want a monogram? Of course you do! They are fabulous and there is so much to learn about monograms, including the history of this design! They have been used since Ancient Roman times on coins from different areas! 

XXL Premium Monogram Necklace
Our newest monogram design, part of
our Premium Monogram Collection

Don't know how to make a monogram? Don't worry! It is very easy to do! Head on over to MyNameNecklace today and make your own monogram accessory!

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