Monday, July 28, 2014

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We all want a little bit of luck on our side, that never changes. Whether we are preparing for an important exam, meeting future in-laws for the first time, or interviewing at the job of our dreams, we all wish we had a vile of fairy dust, a rabbit's foot, or some other kind of item that will bring some luck. When you think about luck symbols, what do you think about? For us, one of the first symbols that comes to mind is the horseshoe!

But how exactly did horseshoes become lucky. According to lore, the devil had asked a blacksmith to make him horseshoes for his hooved feet. The blacksmith finished the horseshoes and nailed them to the devil's feet. But the devil was in so much pain he asked for them to be removed. The blacksmith agreed only if the devil stayed away from homes that had a horseshoe over the doorway.

Horseshoe over the doorway

Since then, there have been a lot written about the meaning of the horseshoe and how it provides luck. This symbol is said to protect a person from bad luck and misfortune. But we don't need luck just over our doorway, we need it with us all the time. Some of us get horseshoe tattoos (did you see Scarlett Johansson's?), but most of us want to go with something a little less personal and a lot more fun! That is where horseshoe jewelry comes into play! Everyone is rocking a horseshoe necklace! Even Carrie Bradshaw wore a horseshoe necklace in an episode of Sex and the City! Isn't it about time you got a lucky necklace for yourself?!

Horseshoe Jewelry with Initial Charm
Our newest horseshoe necklace with
birthstone and initial in sterling silver

We have all different types of horseshoe jewelry at MyNameNecklace! This includes engraved horseshoe necklaces and even horseshoe charms to add to your bracelet, necklace, or any other accessory you have! if you need a little bit of luck on your side, a horseshoe necklace is perfect! Get one for yourself today and get one for someone you know!

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