Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sail Away with Anchor Jewelry

Traditional AnchorAhoy mateys! With summer already in full swing we have been noticing a huge nautical trend - anchor fashion! We have seen everything from anchors on t-shirts to scarves and even shoes! But the most popular place we see anchors is on jewelry! Anchor jewelry follows this unique nautical fashion! No matter whether you love the sea or your a landlubber, you can enjoy a beautiful anchor necklace or bracelet. And at MyNameNecklace, you can even get your anchor accessory personalized!

Anchors have been a popular symbol for hundreds and hundreds of years. When the early Christians were persecuted by the Romans, they used anchor jewelry as a way to find others. Anchors were hung over houses to show it was a safe place to go.

The meaning of the anchor symbol is quite beautiful. It is a symbol of strength and stability. Releasing an anchor signifies the safe end of a long journey. Many sea-lovers, including coastguards, US Navy personnel, and even fishermen, get an anchor tattoo. For many, the anchor is seen as a symbol of a better, more grounded future. If you have had a tumultuous past but you are on the horizon of a brighter future, this is the perfect symbol to represent that!

Acrylic Anchor Necklace

We have a huge selection of anchor jewelry right now at MyNameNecklace that you should definitely check out. From whimsical acrylic anchors to friendship bracelets with anchor charms, we have it all!

Anchor Jewelry with Initial Charm
Anchor Bracelet with Engraving and Shamballa Cord

Enjoy anchor jewelry today at MyNameNecklace!

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