Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Talking About: Side Cross Jewelry

We've seen Kelly Ripa wearing one on her television show, Lucy Hale sporting one while walking down the red carpet, even Selena Gomez has been photographed wearing one - face it, everyone loves the side cross necklace! Cross jewelry has reemerged as a veritable fashion style statement, the only difference being this cross is displayed horizontally rather than the well known vertical style. More and more celebrities are jumping on the side cross necklace fashion bandwagon and we couldn't be happier!

Lucy Hale Wears a Side Cross Necklace
Lucy Hale, star of Pretty Little Liars, wears a side cross necklace

Is there any meaning behind the side cross necklace? Of course there is! Some see it as an artistic update on traditional cross jewelry, making it more "fashionable" for today's generation. Others take a more symbolic view, siting the side cross as a representation of Jesus laying down his cross, thereby finishing the work he started. As well, there is a humanistic approach stating that the side cross denotes humanity living on Earth.

Personalized Side Cross Bracelet

Today everyone is wearing a side cross necklace! And at MyNameNecklace, we add a little extra touch - the ability to personalize your side cross! We get all sorts of different requests for engravings, including names, inspirational words, special dates, and even Bible verses. The sky is the limit when it comes to side cross jewelry. You can get one for yourself or buy one! They make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and communions! Pick up a side cross necklace for yourself today!
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