Monday, July 21, 2014

Top Trend: Personalized Name Jewelry

If you were up to date with style trends in the 1980's, you know all about the emergence of the name necklace. It was one of the most popular accessories, a must have for every girl and woman. Every teenage girl during this period had to have one while walking down the halls or going to the mall. But as with most trends from this decade, the name necklace disappeared as the 1990's took shape. Maybe we just outgrew wearing a nameplate necklace or the availability of this accessory diminished. As with what happens to most trends.

Name jewelry may have been gone but it was definitely not forgotten. In 1998, the channel HBO started broadcasting a new television series that would not only span six seasons, get nominated for 50 Emmy Awards and 24 Golden Globes, but also bring back a long forgotten accessory - the name necklace. If you think of the primary character, Carrie Bradshaw, what do you think of first and foremost? You think about her unique fashion sense and of course, the "Carrie" necklace she was known to wear all the time. Throughout the series she was seen wearing it. In the series finale, she paniced over the possibility of losing her very special Carrie Name Necklace only to find it at the bottom of her bag. The face when she found it was priceless because it was who she was, not just literally, but figuratively as well.

Now name jewelry is back and it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon! You can get a huge selection of name necklaces, including silver, gold, and even different colors. Name necklaces are so popular that we see tons of the hottest celebs wearing them, including Aubrey O'Day, Miranda Kerr, Hilary Duff,
Kim Kardashian, and even Ryan Gosling

What would you get on your name necklace? Would you get your name, maybe a nickname, the name of someone else? You can even go with an inspirational word you want to keep with you. The sky is the limit when it comes to name jewelry! It is versatile, fun, and can be worn for any occasion and at any time. It will go with your daily outfit or a LBD.

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